Overview of Research Themes

As an academic hospital, AMC is perfectly positioned to conduct both clinical and fundamental biomedical research that is of high relevance to patient care. Many researchers combine their scientific work with day-to-day clinical responsibilities.

Biomedical researchers have access to high-quality facilities and the relevant patient material. This work is organized by the AMC Research Institute, which develops long-term research programmes and monitors their quality. The scientific careers of talented young researchers are stimulated by the ‘principal investigator’ system, which challenges them to develop their own lines of research.

AMC was the first institute in the Netherlands to completely integrate an academic hospital and a medical faculty into one organization.

Seven Research Themes
AMC has selected seven research themes in which it aspires to excel:

Each research theme covers the whole spectrum, from fundamental biomedical research, through translational and clinical research to the actual clinical practice.
Within the themes, multidisciplinary centers have been created that stimulate interdepartmental collaborations and scientific debate:
Heart Failure Research Center
• Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research
Center for Infection and Immunity Amsterdam (CINIMA)
Center for Immunology Amsterdam (CIA)
Amsterdam Center for Metabolism (ACM)
Oncologic Research Center AMC
Public, Occupational and Epidemiological Health Issues in Medicine (POEHIM)

Take a glimpse at the Amsterdam Research Website
Take a glimpse at the Amsterdam Research Website