Key Research Topics

The research theme R&D predominantly functions as a platform for integration. Our goal is to use this AMC/VUmc platform for senior and junior researchers active in the field of R&D, in which scientific exchange and communication is stimulated. Bringing together the expertise and various approaches from different disciplines gives us the opportunity to create innovative research lines that are at the interface of the established fields of research.

The Research Theme Reproduction and Development includes research in the field of sexuality, preconception, reproduction, pregnancy, embryonic and fetal development, labor, birth and the consequences of reproduction for the health of mother and child. R&D explicitly includes preclinical as wel as clinical research as we foresee that an intimate relation between preclinical and clinical research  is central in accomplishing our goal to improve health of current and future generations.
Currently, R&D contains twelve subthemes which have been assigned based on the biological perspective of the circle of life: Sex, Ovary, Testis, Embryo, Uterus, Early Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Prenatal Testing, Pregnancy Complications, Preterm Birth, Neonate and Follow-up.

An overview of these themes, the senior and junior researchers involved and their interactions is provided.