AMC Fellowship

The AMC Fellowship and the AMC Tenure Track are serving the same goal: to attract very talented researchers to the AMC, who are able to set up their own research group. From 2012 on the AMC Fellowship will be an awarded tenure track and will therefore follow the criteria of the AMC Tenure Track.

There is one AMC fellowship available per year and will be advertised on the AMC vacancy site.

The fellowship consists of € 750,000 for the full term of five years (less for a shorter period, on a pro rata basis). In this sum the salary of the fellow, the salary of a PhD student and their bench-fees are included.

The selection of the AMC fellowship will start after a set deadline (one per year) to stimulate competition. A selection procedure will only take place if there is a sufficient number of suitable candidates and a nomination will only take place if a candidate who meets the criteria can be selected. The fellowship has to be accepted or declined within three months after formal approval. The AMC Fellowship is not open for AMC researchers with a permanent position.

The AMC Fellowship 2017 is now open for applications until 3 April 2017. More information: see the vacancy