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Drs. G.F.J.P.M. Adriaensen

Position: PhD student
Main activities: Patient care
Specialisation: KNO heelkunde
Focus of research:

Viruses and polyposis nasi.

AMC themes:
Departments: Ear, Nose and Throat
Adriaensen GFJPM, Lim KH, Fokkens WJ, Safety and efficacy of a bioabsorbable fluticasone propionate-eluting sinus dressing in postoperative management of endoscopic sinus surgery: a randomized clinical trial. INT FORUM ALLERGY RH 2017;7 (8):813-820 [PubMed]
Adriaensen GFJPM, Lim KH, Georgalas C, Reinartz SM, Fokkens WJ, Challenges in the Management of Inverted Papilloma: A Review of 72 Revision Cases. LARYNGOSCOPE 2016;126 (2):322-328 [PubMed]
Adriaensen GFJPM, van der Hout MW, Reinartz SM, Georgalas C, Fokkens WJ, Endoscopic treatment of inverted papilloma attached in the frontal sinus/recess. RHINOLOGY 2015;53 (4):317-324 [PubMed]
Georgalas C, Cornet M, Adriaensen G, Reinartz S, Holland C, Prokopakis E, Fokkens W, Evidence-based Surgery for Chronic Rhinosinusitis with and without Nasal Polyps. CURR ALLERGY ASTHM R 2014;14 (4):427 [PubMed]
Adriaensen GFJPM, Fokkens WJ, Chronic rhinosinusitis: an update on current pharmacotherapy. EXPERT OPIN PHARMACO 2013;14 (17):2351-2360 [PubMed]
Adriaensen GFJPM, Wolfs TFW, Schilder AGM, Drie kinderen met recidiverende meningitis als gevolg van een anatomische afwijking. NED TIJDSCHR GENEESKD 2006;150 (48):2656-2660
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Prof. dr. W.J. Fokkens (Pathology of upper airway and digestive system)

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