• Principal Investigator
  • Female

Dr. K.C. Wolthers MD PhD

Position: Associate professor (UHD)
Main activities: Research, Patient care
Specialisation: Medical Microbiology/virology
foto K.C. Wolthers is one of the AMC Principal Investigators
Focus of research:

Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of human parechoviruses and enteroviruses

AMC themes: Infection & Immunity
Departments: Medical Microbiology
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Key publications

Shakeel S, Westerhuis BM, Domanska A, Koning RI, Matadeen R, Koster AJ, Bakker AQ, Beaumont T, Wolthers KC, Butcher SJ, Multiple capsid-stabilizing interactions revealed in a high-resolution structure of an emerging picornavirus causing neonatal sepsis. NAT COMMUN 2016;7:11387 [PubMed]
van der Sanden SMG, Koen G, van Eijk H, Koekkoek SM, de Jong MD, Wolthers KC, Prediction of Protection against Asian Enterovirus 71 Outbreak Strains by Cross-neutralizing Capacity of Serum from Dutch Donors, the Netherlands. EMERG INFECT DIS 2016;22 (9):1562-1569 [PubMed]
van der Linden L, Bruning AHL, Thomas XV, Minnaar RP, Rebers SPH, Schinkel J, de Jong MD, Pajkrt D, Wolthers KC, A molecular epidemiological perspective of rhinovirus types circulating in Amsterdam from 2007 to 2012. CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC 2016;22 (12):1002.e9-1002.e14 [PubMed]
Wildenbeest JG, van der Schee MP, Hashimoto S , Benschop KSM, Minnaar RP, Sprikkelman AB, Haarman EG, van Aalderen WMC, Sterk PJ, Pajkrt D, Wolthers KC, Prevalence of rhinoviruses in young children of an unselected birth cohort from the Netherlands. CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC 2016;22 (8):736.e9-736.e15 [PubMed]
Wildenbeest JG, Benschop KSM, Minnaar RP, Bouma-de Jongh S, Wolthers KC, Pajkrt D, Clinical relevance of positive human parechovirus type 1 and 3 PCR in stool samples. CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC 2014;20 (10):O640-O647 [PubMed]

All Publications

Curriculum Vitae

1984-1993   Medical School University of Groningen (1984-1989) and University of Amsterdam (1989-1993)

1992-1993   Glaxo Fellowship, duration 1 year, New England Medical Center, Boston
                       “Transcriptional Regulation of the Rat Lactase Gene” Project leaders: Prof. Dr. H.A. Büller/ Prof. Dr. R.A Grand

1993              Medical Degree at the University of Amsterdam1993-1998    PhD studies at the Central Laboratory of the Blood Transfusion Service (Sanquin). Thesis on        T cell function and T cell dynamics in HIV-1 infection. 
                       Promotor Prof. F. Miedema

1998-2003   Medical Microbiology/Virology training at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Laboratory of Virology, Head Prof A. Osterhaus

2003-present    Staff member Clinical Virologist at Dept Medical Microbiology, AMC

2014-present    Coordinator FP7 Marie Curie IAPP consortium "AIROPIco"

Other activities

• Review Editor for the Journal of Clinical Virology 2008- present
• Board member Antibiotics Committee AMC, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, 2010 – 2014
• Board member Dutch Society for Clinical Virology, 2010 – 2014
• Board member National Quality Control Committee for Medical Microbiological Laboratories (SKML) division Cell Culture, 2010- present
• Review Editor for the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Virology 2010- present
*Member Subcommittee Medical and Veterinary Aspects of COGEM (Commissie genetische Modificatie) 2013- 2016

Research programmes

Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of human picornaviruses

In 2006, I started a new research line on human picornaviruses within the Dept of Medical Microbiology. We established the role of human parechoviruses (HPeVs) as serious and frequently occurring pathogens in young infants, and two new types HPeV4 and HPeV14 were discovered. We defined classification rules for HPeVs in good agreement with the Picornavirus Studygroup; nowadays, 16 types are known. We were the first to show significant differences in clinical symptoms and age of infection between HPeV3 and HPeV1, and the importance of HPeV3 in viral CNS infections.

Our laboratory is specialized in fast and reliable laboratory diagnosis for entero- rhino- and parechovirus infections, all members of the Picornavirus family. We use virus genotyping to show the widespreadness of the different virus genoypes and their relation with clinical symptoms. We have expertise in molecular evolution studies.  

Our research within this area is translational. The role of maternal antibody protection in picornavirus infection in neonates is studied, as well as differences in cell tropism between picornavirus types in relation to disease severity. Furthermore we focus on treatment possibilities and resistance mechanisms.

In 2013, I became coordinator of an EU FP7 IAPP grant called AIROPico, bringing together researchers from the picornavirus field, evolutionary biologists, structural biologists, and scientists as well as SMEs developing antiviral compounds and new diagnostic methods. The coming four years we will collaborate on increasing knowledge on picornavirus pathogenesis, development of fast diagnostic techniques and development of antiviral therapy for this large virus group.  


Dr. K.C. Wolthers MD PhD
D. Pajkrt MD PhD

K.S.M. Benschop PhD
Dr. L. van der Linden PhD
Dr. S.M.G. van der Sanden PhD
X. Thomas PhD
Drs. B.M. Westerhuis

PhD Students
L. Brouwer
S.E. Karelehto

D. de Blauw BSc
L. Bosch BSc
H.W.M. van Eijk
G. Koen
Dr. E.A. Koppel PhD
R. Minnaar BSc
R. Venkatachalam PhD

D. Pajkrt MD PhD (Impact of pediatric viral infections, focus on hiv and picornavirus infection)

Other research related activities
  • None reported
Current research funding
  • Europese Unie
  • ZonMw