• Principal Investigator
  • Female

Prof. dr. C.R. Bezzina

Position: Professor
Main activities: Research
Specialisation: Genetics of cardiac disorders
foto C.R. Bezzina is one of the AMC Principal Investigators
Focus of research:

Our group conducts translational research aimed at identifiying genetic risk factors underlying cardiac disorders. Our research focuses on:

- Inherited disorders associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac death in young individuals. This includes the primary electrical disorders (e.g. the Long QT Syndrome, cardiac conduction disease and Brugada Syndrome) and the cardiomyopathies (e.g. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).

- Risk of sudden cardiac death in the setting of acquired cardiac disease, namely ventricular fibrillation in the setting of acute myocardial ischemia or infarction.

- Congenital heart disease.


Besides efforts related to gene discovery, we also conduct functional studies in experimental model systems (e.g., transgenic mice, cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells) on newly-identified genes or mutations. This allows us to gain insight into the involvement of the given gene or mutation into the pathophysiological mechanism underlying the diseases.


In our research we use amongst others the following tools:

Exome sequencing

Genomewide association studies

Expression QTL studies


Electrophysiological studies (e.g. patch-clamp, optical mapping)

AMC themes: Cardiovascular Diseases
Departments: Cardiology
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Bezzina CR, Barc J, Mizusawa Y, Remme CA, Gourraud JB, Simonet F, Verkerk AO, Schwartz PJ, Crotti L, Dagradi F, Guicheney P, Fressart V, Leenhardt A, Antzelevitch C, Bartkowiak S, Borggrefe M, Schimpf R, Schulze-Bahr E, Zumhagen S, Behr ER, Bastiaenen R, Tfelt-Hansen J, Olesen MS, Kääb S, Beckmann BM, Weeke P, Watanabe H, Endo N, Minamino T, Horie M, Ohno S, Hasegawa K, Makita N, Nogami A, Shimizu W, Aiba T, Froguel P, Balkau B, Lantieri O, Torchio M, Wiese C, Weber D, Wolswinkel R, Coronel R, Boukens BJ, Bézieau S, Charpentier E, Chatel S, Despres A, Gros F, Kyndt F, Lecointe S, Lindenbaum P, Portero V, Violleau J, Gessler M, Tan HL, Roden DM, Christoffels VM, Le Marec H, Wilde AA, Probst V, Schott JJ, Dina C, Redon R, Common variants at SCN5A-SCN10A and HEY2 are associated with Brugada syndrome, a rare disease with high risk of sudden cardiac death. NAT GENET 2013;45 (9):1044-1049 [PubMed]
Lodder EM, de Nittis P, Koopman CD, Wiszniewski W, Moura de Souza CF, Lahrouchi N, Guex N, Napolioni V, Tessadori F, Beekman L, Nannenberg EA, Boualla L, Blom NA, de Graaff W, Kamermans M , Cocciadiferro D, Malerba N, Mandriani B, Akdemir ZHC, Fish RJ, Eldomery MK, Ratbi I, Wilde AAM, de Boer T, Simonds WF, Neerman-Arbez M, Sutton VR, Kok F, Lupski JR, Reymond A, Bezzina CR, Bakkers J, Merla G, GNB5 Mutations Cause an Autosomal-Recessive Multisystem Syndrome with Sinus Bradycardia and Cognitive Disability. AM J HUM GENET 2016;99 (3):704-710 [PubMed]
Marsman RF, Barc J, Beekman L, Alders M, Dooijes D, van den Wijngaard A, Ratbi I, Sefiani A, Bhuiyan ZA, Wilde AAM, Bezzina CR, A mutation in CALM1 encoding calmodulin in familial idiopathic ventricular fibrillation in childhood and adolescence. J AM COLL CARDIOL 2014;63 (3):259-266 [PubMed]
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