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S.A.B.M. Aarts MSc

Position: PhD student
Main activities: Research
Specialisation: Immunology
Focus of research:

 1. Cell-type specific actions of CD40-CD40L signaling in obesity: we generated CD40Lfl/fl and CD40fl/fl mice which are backcrossed with an array of cell-type specific Cre mice, which will give us additional information on the exact role and communication of the different CD40(L) expressing cell-types.

2. Identification of CD40-CD40L signal transduction pathways in multiple sclerosis: CD40-/- mice received a CD40 transgene with mutations in the respective TRAF-binding sites and are subjected to EAE.

AMC themes: Cardiovascular Diseases, Infection & Immunity
Departments: Medical Biochemistry
Braster Q, Silvestre-Roig C, Hartwig H, Kusters P, Aarts S, den Toom M, Gallo RL, Weber C, Lutgens E, Soehnlein O, Cathelicidin regulates myeloid cell accumulation in adipose tissue and promotes insulin resistance during obesity. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 2016;115 (6):1237-1239 [PubMed]
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