Information for our patients

Our hospital is taking measures so we can continue to care for patients safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read this important information before visiting our hospital. This information has been updated on September 23rd 2021.

Will my appointment or treatment be continued?
Due to the care for corona patients, Amsterdam UMC unfortunately has to postpone part of the planned care, such as surgery. Patients will be informed about this. Appointments in the outpatient clinics continue as much as possible. However, it is possible that your appointment at the hospital will be converted into a video consultation or a telephone appointment. You will also be informed about this. Read more.
I have an appointment at your hospital. What should I pay special attention to?

When you have an appointment, we will call you or we will send you an appointment letter. When possible your appointment with the doctor will be through a (video) call. Your doctor and his or her team will determine if you need to come to the hospital or whether a video call will suffice.

Please come to your appointment timely

It is important that your presence in the hospital is as short as possible to ensure that as few people as possible are present in the hospital at the same time. In doing so, we minimize the risk of contamination with the coronavirus.

Do you have corona-like symptoms? Do tell us!

In case you have symptoms of the coronavirus (e.g. coughing, shortness of breath, fever, colds, sneezing and/or loss of taste and smell) please notify us before your arrival, so we can take appropriate measures. Also notify us if people in your household are infected with the coronavirus, or if you have been in a high-risk area lately. Check here wether your recent destination is a high-risk area (orange/red).

Is it safe to go to the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic?

When you have an appointment at our hospital, there is no increased risk of a coronavirus infection. We have taken all kinds of measures to treat both patients with and without corona symptoms safely.

We prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the following ways:

  • we ask patients and visitors to inform us about symptoms (cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath and sneezing) at the entrances
  • visitors with symptoms are not allowed

  • we stick to the 1.5 metre (5 feet) social distancing guideline

  • one-way traffic applies in the outpatient clinics

  • patients infected with the coronavirus are treated seperately from other patients
  • employees with symptoms are tested immediately and are not allowed to go to work
  • employees wear a face mask when 1.5 metre distance cannot be guaranteed.
Is it mandatory to wear a face mask in the hospital?

From June 26 2021 it is no longer mandatory for patients and visitors to wear their own non-medical face mask within the hospital buildings. Our employees wear a face mask when 1.5 metre distance cannot be guaranteed.

Can I take someone to the hospital to accompany me?

If possible, come to your outpatient appointment alone. If not, only one person is allowed to accompany you. Your companion can be asked to wait somewhere else during your appointment. Please read our rules for guidance carefully.

Where can I get tested for coronavirus?
In the Netherlands from June 1st every adult with a cold and a fever can be tested for free at the Municipal Health Service or 'GGD'. When you wish to get tested, please call the public telephone number of the Dutch National Government: 0800 - 1351.
Can someone visit me at the hospital?
We understand that it is important to you that your family members and loved ones can visit you in the hospital. We would like to enable their visit during this special time of Corona. Please read our visiting rules carefully.
Where is the hospital's entrance?

Please make use of the following entrances.

Location VUmc, De Boelelaan

  • The main entrance to the hospital
  • The main entrance to the outpatient clinics
  • The Imaging Center remains open to patients and visitors

The entrance to the Emergency Room is accessible, the side entrance of the Emergency Room towards the hospital is closed.

Location AMC, Meibergdreef

  • Emergency room and out-of-hours GP service via entrance to emergency room
  • The temporary main entrance to the hospital
  • The entrance through parking garage P2

The entrance to the APC (Psychiatric center) is open again.

Where can I park my car?

Attention: road works are taking place at both locations.

Locatie VUmc, De Boelelaan

The intersection of the Amstelveenseweg and De Boelelaan is closed for traffic because of road works of the tram tracks from July 18th to August 9th. The traffic might be busier than usual; please take this into account.

Locatie AMC, Meibergdreef

From June 8th the vicinity of the main entrances will be renovated. Look for the current situation to park your car and enter the hospital on the page Address, route and parking.

When you have difficulty walking, please take the shuttle bus from Holendrecht station to the main entrance. You can read more information about the shuttle bus (pendelbus in Dutch).

I am informed my appointment will be through a video consult. Is there a manual?
For a video consult, you need an internet connection. You will find an English manual here.
I have a general question about the coronavirus

Visit the English pages of the website of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) or call the national telephone number 0800 - 1351.


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