About the Graduate School

The AMC Graduate School is an internationally oriented, collaborative, professional organization within the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam.

The AMC Graduate School organizes the doctorate level academic training of AMC PhD students.

It aims at creating an infrastructure that promotes and supports excellence in the doctorate level training of PhD students as highly qualified future professionals in an international environment.

The AMC Graduate School:

  • Registers AMC PhD candidates and their supervisors;
  • Informs current and future PhD candidates, supervisors and others about the AMC PhD program;
  • Provides a PhD course program for registered PhD candidates;
  • Monitors the PhD training of AMC PhD candidates;
  • Supports PhD candidates in case of questions and difficulties;
  • Supports PhD supervisors in their roles as active mentors and trainers of PhD candidates;
  • Facilitates formal activities towards the thesis defense and ceremony.

The aim of the AMC Graduate School is to enhance the quality of PhD projects at the AMC by supporting AMC PhD candidates and their supervisors.The AMC Graduate School comprises the AMC Graduate School Office and the Office of Doctoral Affairs.On this website you can find an overview of topics related to the AMC Graduate School, such as information for future PhD candidates, registration and course information.

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