About the Graduate School

The mission, vision and core activities of the AMC Graduate School, team and board information, brochure, and PhD facts and figures

About the AMC Graduate School

The aim of the AMC Graduate School is to enhance the quality of PhD projects at the AMC by supporting AMC PhD candidates and their supervisors.

The AMC Graduate School comprises the AMC Graduate School Office and the Office of Doctoral Affairs.

Mission, vision and core activities

The AMC Graduate School organizes the doctorate level academic training of AMC PhD candidates.

The AMC Graduate School aims to create an infrastructure that promotes and supports excellence in the doctorate level training of PhD candidates as highly qualified future professionals in an international environment.

Core activities
The core activities of the AMC Graduate School are to:

  • Inform current and future PhD candidates, supervisors and others about the AMC PhD Program;
  • Register and monitor AMC PhD candidates and their supervisors;
  • Provide an AMC PhD course program for registered PhD candidates;
  • Support AMC PhD candidates if they have questions or problems;
  • Support AMC PhD supervisors and co-supervisors in their role as active mentors and trainers of PhD candidates;
  • Monitor and evaluate AMC PhD projects;
  • Facilitate formal activities related to the thesis defense and graduation ceremony.

Quality Assurance Plan

The Board of the AMC Graduate School has approved the "Quality Assurance Plan for doctoral level academic training of AMC PhD candidates". The Quality Assurance Plan describes procedures for quality control of the doctoral level academic training of AMC PhD candidates, and defines the responsibilities of bodies and individuals involved in the training of AMC PhD candidates.


The AMC Graduate School's staff members are:


Marlies Stouthard
Director, PhD supervisor support, awards and scholarships, internal and external relations

AMC Graduate School Office

Kirsten Douma
PhD candidate advisor, registration, communication, confidential counsellor

Marjanne Meinsma
PhD course administration

Bettina Batista
E: graduateschool@amc.uva.nl

Office of Doctorate Affairs (Bureau Promotiezaken)

Annemarie van de Woestijne
E: promotiezaken@amc.uva.nl

Board and Board of Studies

AMC Graduate School Board 
The AMC Graduate School Board plans and oversees the activities of the AMC Graduate School.

Prof. C.J.M. de Vries, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, Chair
Prof. W.M. Wiersinga, Delegate to the Dean for PhD Graduations 
Prof. J. Stoker, Dept. of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine 
Prof. T.B.H. Geijtenbeek, Dept. of Lab. Exp. Immunology 
Dr. M.M.G. Leeflang, Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology
A.W. Edridge MSc, MD, PhD candidate APROVE 

Board of PhD Studies (Opleidingscommissie
The AMC Graduate School Board of PhD Studies advises the Dean on the content and structure of the PhD program in the AMC.

Prof. dr. M.J.M.H. Lombarts, Chair 
Prof. dr. C.J. Fijnvandraat
Prof. dr. G.M.M.J. Kerkhoffs
M. van den Hof MSc, MD
T. J. van Velzen, MSc, MD
B.C.L. van der Putten, MSc

Y. Bulten, Secretary to the Board of Studies
E: boardofstudies-gs@amc.uva.nl
+31(0)20 566 5575

PhD Facts and figures

Duration of AMC PhD trajectories

The actual duration of AMC PhD trajectories is calculated as the period from the start of the PhD project to the date of the thesis defense. The median duration is 5.1 years. (Cohorts up to 2015 are included in the figure below.)

succes rates of AMC PhDs 2005-2015

AMC PhD candidates: Gender

About 2/3 of all AMC PhD candidates are women.

AMC PhD Defenses

In 2017, a total of 231 AMC PhD dissertations were successfully defended. In 2013, an all-time record of 238 AMC PhD dissertations were successfully defended.

During the last four years, a rise in the number of starting PhD candidates was observed. The current rise of PhD defenses is closely directly related to the increased inflow. The coming three years, an equally high number of PhD defenses is foreseen.

Contact information:

AMC room: E2-172
T: +31 20 566 3108
E: graduateschool@amc.nl

Information brochure: