Bachelor students in medicine need your help now!

To all Ph.D. candidates and post-docs at Amsterdam UMC – location Meibergdreef

March 31, 2020

Dear all,

The corona crisis has major consequences for the projects of many of you, but also has a strong impact on our undergraduate students. Our bachelor students in medicine need your help now!

What do we need?

Over 300 students will start writing their bachelor thesis in the next weeks, and they desperately need good subjects and motivated coaches, which could be you!

So why so sudden?

We switched the periods for elective courses and the bachelor thesis. The elective courses have been postponed to September, and the bachelor thesis will start now rather than in Fall. We did so because writing the thesis can be done at home, while the elective courses require physical presence of the students in labs and clinical settings, and also need substantial time investment by clinicians.

What exactly is a bachelor thesis?

We provide a one-page overview here:  The students will be working on their theses from mid-April to July 3rd. The thesis is written in Dutch or English.

What’s in it for me?

Well, first of all you would aid in keeping the students on track, which would be extremely appreciated. Secondly, this work can support your research, possibly culminating in a publication. Thirdly, being a coach will support your training as a researcher, and for PhD candidates, coaching bachelor students could be added to your portfolio.

I am interested, so what should I do?

A very brief form for describing your subject can be found here: Discuss your suggestion with your Principal Investigator; Final responsibility is carried by PI’s and professors, who have been informed about this. If (s)he agrees, send in the filled form to . We will publish all subjects in Canvas, the content managing system of our students. Interested bachelor students will contact you and hopefully this will lead to a very fruitful bachelor thesis period in the next few months!

On behalf of all the involved bachelor students, thanks very much for your help!

Frans Hochstenbach, Ed van Bavel, bachelor thesis coordinators

Gabor Linthorst, Head of Bachelor’s program

Jan-Hindrik  Ravesloot, Director Medical School