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Collaboration VSNU, NFU, NWO and ZonMw together with the PhD Network Netherlands and PostdocNL during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Much research has been halted due to the COVID-19 crisis. In many cases, researchers no longer have access to labs or data collections, or are temporarily unable to collect data. Some researchers must give priority to self-deployment in the hospital for the benefit of patient care. This has a major impact on Dutch research and presents researchers with major challenges. VSNU, NFU, NWO and ZonMw are working together with the PhD Network Netherlands and PostdocNL to find solutions to the bottlenecks that the researchers experience. The basic principles here are that health is more important than research, that research should in all fairness be given the opportunity to be completed and that customization will be necessary to do justice to the diversity of problems. These principles are explained in detail in the accompanying statement: Statement in Dutch

On April the 22th the AMC Excecutive Board and the AMR arranged an online teams session,

On April the 22th an online teams session was held to update and inform researchers about the latest news regarding research at the Amsterdam UMC. Numerous questions were asked during the session. How it should be with promotion ceremonies, when experiments and research can be resumed, how the delay that has now arisen can be compensated for. These are all questions that confirm that the research community is also being seriously affected by the Covid epidemic.

You can read more about this session via: The Online Teams Session of April 22th ! A summery of this online meeting where the impact of Corona on Research was discussed by prof. Hans Romijn, Chris Polman (Executive Board Amsterdam UMC, chairman and dean), prof. Mat Daemen (Board AMR BV), Janine Stolwijk (Graduate School), prof. Joost Wiersinga (Chairman, department of Infectious Diseases, internist-infectiologist) is also provided. You can read this summery via the download document:

Livestreams of PhD defences available soon on UvA-YouTube

From Friday, 15 May, UvA PhD defences will be livestreamed on the university’s YouTube channel. This means that friends, family and colleagues of the PhD candidates, as well as other interested parties, can attend the ceremonies, which are currently taking place online via Zoom.

The livestreams are ‘unlisted’ on the UvA YouTube channel; that is, you need a direct link to follow a livestream. Doctoral candidates will receive the link from the Office of the Beadle and can then share it with friends, family and colleagues. In addition, the links are added to the Defence Ceremony Announcements (in Dutch) on the UvA’s website, so that other interested parties can also take note.

The link to a livestream will only be added in the web announcement if the doctoral candidate has agreed to this (the Office of the Beadle will ask each doctoral candidate for explicit permission in advance). Immediately after the ceremony ends, the link will be deactivated and the stream will be removed. Of course, the consultations of the defence committee will - as always – be held in private and therefore not visible in the livestreams.