LERU Doctoral Summer School 2019

Each year LERU, the League of European Universities, organises a summer school at one of the participating Universities. The theme of this year's edition of the Summer School is: ‘Building Research Capacity and a Collaborative Global Community’. The LERU summer school is intended for PhD candidates who are in an advanced phase of their doctoral work. The objectives of the LERU summer school are to encourage  students to gain a better understanding of the benefits and impact of information sharing and collaboration, and to assist them to develop the core skills needed for involvement in knowledge exchange in order to enrich and advance their own research excellence as well as that of others.

 The Programme

The Summer School takes place from 15 to 19 July 2019 at the University of Edinburg. Candidates must be available to take part for the entire duration of the Summer School and are expected to be prepared to take part in all programme activities. The cost of participation is €500, which includes accommodation. The costs of participation and of travel will be paid by the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The Academic Affairs department will cover the costs of participation (€500) for two participants from the UvA while the travel expenses are to be covered by the research institute or graduate school concerned. 

 Procedure & Selection

The Summer School accepts a maximum total of 46 PhD students from the LERU universities. All 23 LERU universities have been invited to submit a prioritized list of nominees for participation in the Summer School to the LERU office. Participation and placement are guaranteed for the candidate given the highest priority at each LERU university. In other words, the first 23 places are reserved for each LERU member's top candidate. The selection of candidates for the remaining places will be based on quality and criteria such as diversity in research fields.


Interested candidates are requested to apply by sending the following documents latest 9 March 2019 to Gamze Ulker (g.ulker@uva.nl):

  • CV in English
  • Brief summary of the candidate’s PhD project, including title/description of the theme (half A4 max.), in English
  • A motivation letter in which candidates explain why they’re interested in the theme of the 2019 Summer School (100 words max.), in English
  • Contact details of the candidate

    After all applications have been received, Academic Affairs and the UvA's LERU Doctoral Studies Community representative will jointly select UvA candidates for submission to the LERU office.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants should have received admission to the doctoral program. (This is not the same as registration with the AMC Graduate School). More information about the Request for Admission can be found here: https://www.amc.nl/web/leren/graduate-school/phd-1/phd-graduation.htm (step 2)