Mapping out your road - 28 & 29th Nov

Opportunity to map career options that suit you. You made a start of your career as a PhD candidate or postdoc. What do you aim to do next? If you are aiming for an academic research career, then role models are around and you know to expect. What if not in academia or if you are not sure, then what are your options and how do you know what are good/realistic options for you? If you too are dealing with these questions, then please check the "Mapping out your road as a science professional" a 2-day retreat on 28-29 November 2019. With max. 15 PhD candidates/postdocs you will learn about PhD career options and you will acquire a strategy to identify options that suit you in a structured manner. This programme is rated 8,7/10 by the participants. More information in the flyer (below) and on

Please note: this is not an AMC Graduate School course and costs are involved