Oral Presentation in English (AMC PhD Program)

Information about the course Oral Presentation in English.

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This course will help the participant;

  • to prepare and give an oral presentation, including slides, of a scientific paper;
  • to develop presentation skills that will gain and keep the interest and attention of the audience;
  • to deal with stage-fright and gain confidence when speaking before an audience.


    This course runs eight times a year and consists of one lecture/workshop session of 3 hours and, four weeks later, a second session devoted to practicing presentation. The participants will submit their texts and slides to the instructor who will then give extensive individual feedback on them.

      Scheduled dates:

      • September 4, 25 (half of the groupd) and 26 (half of the group), 2018.
      • January 15 and February 5 and 6, 2019
      • May 14 and June 4 and 5, 2019


      Session 1

      • This session’s primary purpose is to give the participants practical tools needed to;
      • organize their presentation;
      • prepare slides;
      • orally present their research effectively;
      • overcome stage-fright.

      The participants learn to use a well-tested ‘recipe’ for organizing an oral presentation. The emphasis will be on clearly communicating scientific content in an audience-friendly way. Furthermore, participants will practice - and have some fun- in a ‘safe’ setting among friendly colleagues.

      After the first session, each participant will:

      • prepare a 10-minute presentation about his/her research or other scientific topic;
      • work together in pairs to practice and critique each other’s presentations;
      • e-mail their presentations to the instructor for editing and feedback;
      • revise the presentations, based on the feedback and prepare for the practice session.

      Session 2

      The second session, about two weeks after the first session, will be devoted to practising the presentations and giving feedback and suggestions for improvement. Presentations will be recorded, and the participants will receive their own presentation by email.

      It is essential that all participants attend this session in order to receive and to give feedback on their own work and on the work of others.

      Target Audience:

      AMC PhD candidates with research experience.


      The course is given in English. Presentations are in English.


      Attendance of the sessions is compulsory and will be registered. Issuance of the certificate will also be based on the presentation progress of the participant, as seen in the assignments.

      Study load:

      22 hours, which is comparable to 0.8 ECTS points.

      Number of participants:

      Maximum 7 per course.


      No charge for registered AMC PhD candidates. Employees of the AMC or AMC Medical Research BV can participate provided slots are available. All other participants are charged a fee of 250 euro.


      Ed Hull: Professional English.

      More information:

      From the AMC Graduate School / graduateschool@amc.uva.nl / E2-172 / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 4618.


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