PhD candidate support and PhD Candidate Advisor

PhD candidates are welcome to contact the AMC Graduate School at any time with queries or problems concerning PhD studies, or other matters related to their PhD project.

PhD Candidate Advisors

PhD candidates can ask one of the PhD Candidate Advisors for help and advice related to their PhD project, about the individual Training and Supervision Agreement (iTSA), procedures, processes, or other issues, such as stress, planning problems, communication with the supervisor, scientific integrity. If indicated, the PhD Candidate Advisor will refer the PhD candidate to other authorities, such as the AMC Scientific Research Counselor, a mediator or an external confidential counselor.

Additionally, there is a confidential counsellor (vertrouwenspersoon) specifically for PhD Candidates for issues related to undesirable behavior at the workplace (such as bullying, verbal or fysical violence, discrimination etc.). You can approach confidential counsellor Kirsten Douma ( directly or be referred by the PhD Candidate Advisor.

The PhD Candidate Advisors are also interested in learning about PhD projects that were successful due to good supervision, efficient work arrangements, or other factors. Such positive feedback will enable the AMC Graduate School to improve its recommendations to all AMC PhD candidates.

Peer to Peer group Coaching

Sometimes you would like to discuss something with a peer. However, it might be difficult to discuss this with your direct colleagues as e.g. they may be involved. Peer to peer group coaching (which is called intervisie in Dutch) is a way to discuss these issues in a safe environment within a small group of PhD candidates. It is experience driven. The content of the meetings is determined by the participating PhD candidates themselves and therefore has relevance for daily practice and needs of PhD candidates. It is a means to get support from peers, reflect, discuss issues without hierarchical differences, get insight and find possible solutions to everyday problems. Examples of issues that can be addressed are: problems with communication with supervisors, planning of your project, competition with colleagues, time management, difficulties with writing or presenting etc.

More information and application.

Individual contact with a peer

Starting PhD candidates, especially those from other countries, may encounter difficulties such as adjusting to a foreign culture or becoming accustomed to working at the AMC. In that case you can approach APROVE, the social and professional network of AMC PhD candidates, to ask for help. They can help you to get in touch with a PhD candidate who might be able to answer your questions. They have a large network of experienced AMC PhD candidates from a variety of departments who are enthusiastic and motivated to help other PhD candidates.

Support Guide

Embarking on a PhD project is a novel and intense experience, and in the end often the most rewarding episode of your career. The road to a PhD may be long and winding, and sometime bumpy, though. The AMC offers help and guidance for their PhD candidates.

To this end, a Support Guide for AMC PhD Candidates is available with best suggestions for help and guidance.

The AMC Graduate School, AMC and AMR HRM departments, the AMC ARBO, and the AMR workers council collaborated on this project.

Contact information

PhD Candidate Advisors

Jordi Cabanas-Danés

T: +31 (0)20 566 6096

Mandy Xian Hu

T: +31 (0)20 566 6541

AMC, room E2-172