PhD graduation

Step-by-step approach for PhD candidates who wish to obtain a doctorate in the Faculty of Medicine, and general information on the UvA Doctorate Regulations.

Doctorate regulations

The Office of Doctorate Affairs (in Dutch Bureau Promotiezaken) processes all formalities concerning the doctorate (PhD) as stipulated in the Doctorate Regulations 2020 of the University of Amsterdam (Promotiereglement 2020 van de Universiteit van Amsterdam). The UvA doctorate regulations and the various forms can be found either in Dutch or in English on the following University websites:

Please note: Some practical details on the sites above, in particular the planning and the instructions regarding submitting your doctoral tehsis, differ substantially from the UvA step-by-step instructions. Therefore, please do not use this flowchart: (Procedure: 'From manuscript to doctoral thesis') or the one in the Doctorate Regulations 2020 file (here) as your guidelines. Instead, you can use the planner attached here below:

Also, at the AMC the Further Regulations of the Faculty of Medicine (Aanvullende bepalingen van de Faculteit der Geneeskunde’) apply.

More information about the obligatory portfolio can be found here and in the document here below:

For further information about matters relating to the PhD defense, starting with the exemption (if applicable), the admission procedure, the thesis preperations and submission, right through to the actual PhD defense cremony, please consult the handout here below or contact the Office of Doctorate Affairs.

Documents & forms:



Important! Despite the latest COVID-19-related restrictions:

- Digital signatures for all forms/documents are accepted.

- No online submission of ''title page packages'' (Step 6 in the procedure); please bring or send the documents to the Office of Doctorate Affairs.

- No online requests for exemption, nor admissions to the doctoral programme; authenticity check of diplomas is required at the Office of Doctorate Affairs.

Contact information

AMC room: E2-176T: +31 20 566 7477 E:

Opening hours

Mon: 09:00-12:00
Tue-Thu: 09:00-16:00
Closed: Wednesday and Friday.

Annemarie van de Woestijne is the Faculty PhD liaison.

Prof. dr. Monique Frings-Dresen and prof. dr. Jim Reekers are the dean’s delegates on doctorate affairs.