Pre-PhD students

The AMC Graduate School also recognizes pre-PhD students. These are students who have not yet obtained a Master's degree and are preparing a PhD. They are permitted to enroll in courses from the AMC PhD Course Program and may submit a request for admission to the doctorate at the University of Amsterdam under strict conditions, and only after consultation with the AMC Graduate School..

The following groups are eligible:

  • AMC Master students in Medicine or Medical Informatics, or
  • Biomedical Sciences (FNWI) or other UvA Master students, or
  • Master students from another university.

The pre-PhD student is already engaged in a research project supervised by an AMC Principle Investigator, which is intended to result in a PhD Thesis and a doctorate degree at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam (AMC/UvA).
(Please note: AMC master students just planning their research internship are not eligible.)

Registration procedure AMC

Prospective pre-PhD students must apply using the same registration form that is also used for PhD candidates. The printed form must be signed by an AMC full professor who will act as the prospective PhD supervisor and by the prospective pre-PhD student.
The completed form must be sent to the AMC Graduate School (Kirsten Douma, E:, T: 020 566 6541, location E2-172). Include a short letter of recommendation from an AMC PI, and a photocopy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate.
After receipt of the full application, the prospective pre-PhD student will be interviewed. The AMC Graduate School has the final decision on registration.

Most courses offered by the AMC Graduate School are open to pre-PhD students. Pre-PhD students may enroll in courses in the AMC PhD Course Program that are provided by other schools or institutions, such as the OOA, ONWAR or Dutch Heart Foundation only after admission to the doctorate by the University of Amsterdam (see below).

All other preconditions concerning the PhD course program (course regulations) apply to pre-PhD students as well.

Admission procedure UvA

Pre-PhD students do not fulfil the educational requirements for admission to the doctorate (i.e. Dutch Master's degree). Therefore, they should submit an exemption request for the educational requirement if their Doctorate is foreseen before their Master's degree. They should do so at the beginning of their PhD research, after consultation with the AMC Graduate School, and notify the AMC Graduate School.

The UvA Doctorate Regulations provide in this situation by offering the possibility to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Doctorate Board that the individual is deemed capable of conducting independent scientific research (Article 8), through a so-called ‘learned discourse’. The exemption request has to be submitted through the AMC Office of Doctorate Affairs.
The UvA Doctorate Board decides whether the request for exemption of the educational requirements is admissible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Bachelor student. Can I register as a pre-PhD student?
No. A pre-PhD student has to hold at least a Bachelor's degree.
Do I have to register as a PhD candidate after obtaining my Master degree?
Yes. Pre-PhD students are not registered as PhD candidates automatically after their graduation. You have to fill out the registration form again. See also the information on Registration.
Which courses are available for pre-PhD students?

Pre-PhD students can apply for almost all courses in the AMC PhD Course program. Pre-PhD students have to check the regulations for courses in the AMC PhD Course Programme that are organised by other schools or institutions.

For more detailed information, contact the AMC Graduate School.

Can I apply for the eBROK course as a pre-PhD student?
Yes, as a pre-PhD student you can also participate in the eBROK course. The AMC PhD candidate regulations apply to pre-PhD students as well.
Do I have to fill out an individual Training and Supervision Agreement (iTSA)?
Yes, the iTSA procedure applies to pre-PhD students and their supervisors as well.
Pre-PhD and MD/PhD students

An MD/PhD student combines the Master and PhD within a formalized study arrangement, after an intensive application procedure and admission to the MD/PhD program. Pre-PhD students combine Master and PhD at their own initiative.