The Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund

The Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund offers travel grants for Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates to visit top international research institutes for research or training.

    The Amsterdam UMC Young Talent is enabled by The AMC Foundation and VUmc Fonds (the VU medical center Foundation) and wants the very best young talents to have a chance to further develop and improve themselves. The goal is to enable young excellent PhD candidates to do an internship or follow courses at one of the top international research institutes anywhere in the world.

    "The most vital moment in my research career? No doubt my visit to this top institute in my research field when I was still a young researcher. What I saw and learned there has been crucial for myself and my career in science." (* statement former winner Young Talent Fund)

    Call for 2021
    The call for 2021 opens at May 1rst 2020. At that time you will find the instructions and application form here :

    Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund 2021 Instruction Guidelines.

    Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund 2021 Ap0plication Form.

    The application deadline for the 2021 round is Tuesday September 15th 2020, at 23:59 hours. The application form has to be fully completed (in English) and signed by the applicant and his/her supervisor.

    Enclosed is a report from one of the winners of the Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund in 2019.

    PhD candidates (under 35 years of age) registered with the AMC Graduate School or listed at Hora Finita (the PhD registration system of the VUmc), are eligible to apply. The maximum grant is € 5.000. A special selection committee assesses all applications.

    See the video below for more information on the AMC Foundation Young Talent Fund.

    Since the start of the fund in 2012, eighty-five PhD candidates have been awarded a scholarship. One of the grants is enabled by the Louise Gunning Public Health Study Fund. Its goal is to enable a young Amsterdam UMC researcher to follow a course or summer school in the field of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, USA.

    Networks of Research Universities

    The University of Amsterdam is a member of two networks of leading research universities.

    • LERU - League of European Research Universities
    • U21 - Leading Global Universities

    LERU has an active Doctoral Studies Policy Group . U21 has an active Health Sciences Group.

    Contact information

    The Amsterdam UMC Young Talent Fund

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    AMC Foundation
    Location: E2-248
    T: +31 20 566 1776