The Core Facility Genomics seminars

The Core Facility Genomics (CFG) of the Amsterdam UMC operates on both locations of our institute and is active in the greater Amsterdam region. Their mission is to support genomics research projects and genomics based diagnostic assays where they focus on quality and efficiency. The CFG houses a wide array of technologies, ranging from the latest next gen sequencing (NGS) techniques to high throughput lab automation solutions and operates under ISO certification.


On a regular basis, meetings are being organised to keep users informed on the latest organisational developments and technological developments in the field of genomics. Upcoming meeting on the 29th of September is focused on the CFG itself. In this meeting they will focus on how we can contribute to your research and/or diagnostics flows with real-world examples. The meeting on the 27th of October is focused on exciting new technology which enables digital and spatial expression profiling:



9th CFG User meeting, topic:: The Core Facility Genomics, leverage the quality of your research data, on time and cost effective.

Time: Sep 29, 2020 04:00 PM Amsterdam

Speaker: CFG


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Meeting ID: 885 7757 1042




10th CFG User meeting, topic: Digital Spatial Profiling using Nanostring -Quantifying your mRNA targets or proteins within the context of the tissue

Time: Oct 27, 2020 04:00 PM Amsterdam

Speaker: Company


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Meeting ID: 830 2119 4220



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