UvAcare Health Check

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) wants to provide more mental health support for her students and PhD candidates in addition to existing care. The UvAcare project is part of a bigger plan of the UvA to address and tackle mental health issues of students and PhD candidates. The PhD candidates of the medical faculty have already been invited once to participate in the UvAcare health check.

Next launch UvAcare: On September 24th all PhD candidates of the medical faculty will receive a personal e-mail invitation for the UvAcare health check. The health check consists of a series of questions about your (mental) health (such as anxiety, sleep, mood, stress and the current Corona crisis). It takes about 20 minutes to complete. Your participation is, of course, on voluntary basis. Even if you already participated last year, we invite you again to participate, because your situation might have changed.

What’s in it for you? After completing the UvAcare health check you will obtain feedback and gain more insight into your (mental) health situation. You will also receive tips and advice and a brochure about existing care within and outside the UvA. If you experience health problems related to anxiety and/or depression, you will be invited for the second phase of UvAcare. You can qualify for online health support and will only be contacted for an interview by phone if you have given your written consent to be approached.

Have you not received an email after the 24th of September, but would you still like to participate? Then send an email to uvacare@uva.nl.

The Central PhD Council and APROVE were involved in the development of this health check, making sure it addresses the issues PhD candidates face at the UvA. If you have any questions about the UvAcare project, you can contact the UvAcare team at: uvacare@uva.nl.