Your PhD and beyond - 13th March 2019

Your PhD (or postdoc) and beyond - Insights in how you can use your PhD Power to find fulfilling jobs

Wednesday March 13th, 9am-12pm
Location: E2-166

This interactive workshop will challenge you to put your PhD/postdoc experience in perspective in order to learn how you can make the most of your PhD Power for the future.
- What skills do you gain from your PhD/postdoc?
- What options are there for PhD graduates besides academia?
- Pointers on how can you structure your career orientation towards a suitable job.

Postdocs and PhD candidates in the 2nd half of their PhD, especially those who are curious to also explore their options
outside academia. 

Participants have better insights
- how they can identify their skills
- what exact skills they have developed that are valuable for their
future career
- into job options for PhD graduates outside academia
- into what else matters/is actually essential for career orientation
- into a strategy for career orientation, that allows them to identify
jobs that suit their individual profile

Please register soon. Space is limited to 18 participants. There might be some preparation beforehand. Register here

This event is sponsored by the AMC Graduate School, the AMC department of Human Resources and the Research Office.