Cell Biology and Histology (research)

The Department of Cell Biology and Histology studies and teaches modern cell biology, and includes the areas of DNA repair and irradiation, the studying of aging and aggregation disorders, the role of dendritic cells in antigen presentation and the development of human lymphoid cells. We want to understand all biological aspects, how this is disturbed in various diseases, and how we can translate findings to the clinic.

The traditional scientific goal of our department is to understand medically relevant processes in cells in the human body. How do these processes occur within and between cells, and how do these cells cooperate to form systems and tissues. As a result, the researchers represent various disciplines, ranging from immunology to neurobiology and tumor biology, but all combining cell biology with biochemistry and molecular biology to examine various processes within and between cells.

Our department provides high quality and stimulating educational programs in cell biology, immunology and advanced microscopy, for medical and biomedical and medical informatics bachelor and master students, as well as for PhD students and postdocs that want to learn the various possibilities to visualize living cells. We also offer various scientific trainings for diploma students.

Crucial for our research, the department also harbors the advanced microscopy and FACS facilities of the AMC. The direct link with the research topics ensures that new technologies and protocols are quickly implemented and become accessible for fellow researchers. Being embedded in the Van Leeuwenhoek Center for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM), and in an alliance with the VUmc, we focus on top-end facilities for flow cytometry and cell sorting, electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. The presence of a high diversity of cell biology experts and operators allows excellent research and teaching, and provides a state of the art facility available to the entire AMC community for research and teaching purposes.

  • Research lines of Cell Biology and Histology Immunogenetics
  • DNA Double strand break processing
  • Human Immunobiology
  • Cellular Immunology
  • Cellular Metabolism Protein Degradation and Aggregation



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