General Practice/Family Medicine (research)

The mission of the department of general practice is to improve the quality of care in general practice by conducting clinical research in the fields of cardiovascular diseases and oncology and palliative care, research into ethical issues , and research into educational methods

Our ambition for 2016-2020  is to intensify research on the cutting edge of these three fields and maintain a steady scientific output. Finally, we strive for a strong relation with our environment and a significant societal impact through participation in (inter)national guideline setting for practice and education, and by playing a visible role in national debates on ethical issues and quality in healthcare.

Research at the department of General Practice is focused on three themes: ethics, education and clinical research. The clinical research focuses on oncology, cardiovascular diseases and miscellaneous. 

  • Oncology mainly studies the diagnostic pathway and the chronic and palliative care, as these are the themes, in which GPs are involved. Palliative care research is conducted together with the ethics section.
  • Cardiovascular diseases research focuses on heart rhythm and clotting problems and on (prevention of) ischemic events and dementia.
  • The miscellaneous research is inspired by other departments of the AMC and by GPs from our research network. It involves problems which emerge from daily practice or from other disciplines, but with involvement of general practice.

Medical education and training research focuses on questions regarding the translation of clinical evidence to (educational) practice. We study the influence and effectiveness of educational interventions with a strong focus on the training of general practitioners.



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