Pediatric Psychology care

The pediatric psychology program focuses all the (neuro)psychological consequences of illness during childhood for children, adolescents, young adults and their parents and siblings. We know that (neuro)psychological outcomes depend on risk and resilience factors- including family background and premorbid functioning, child and parents coping-and social resources, but most of all on interventions which are provided in the medical context (e.g. psycho-education; preparation to medical procedures) as well as on individual level or in groups setting (face to face and online).


We hope to achieve more insight into psychosexual functioning of adolescents and young adults with chronic diseases- and to develop a questionnaire to measure this topic. So far, we mainly used static questionnaires, but we need to use dynamic questionnaires in research, such as computerized adapted tests. In a multicenter collaboration, we are working on the translation and validation of the pediatric Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurements Information System (PROMIS) item banks. The goal is to integrate PROMIS within the KLIK system, when appropriate norm data are collected in healthy children as well as in different pediatric patient groups.

Current research

Research lines

  1. (neuro)psychosocial outcomes (quality of life; psychosocial distress) and determinants throughout the treatment trajectory
  2. evidence-based interventions: developing, testing, and implementation of innovative interventions
  3.  in the context of appropriate questionnaire development.


In our research group we have a mix of people. We have postdoc researchers (psychologists) We have PhD-students (now both psychologists as well as remedial educationalists) and research assistants (who support innovative interventions such as KLIK and Opkoers). With the clinical expertise our researchers can make a distinctive addition to psycho-social research questions.

Recent accomplishments

We are proud of the accomplishments we made with Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) in Clinical practice. With the KLIK-portal we have a unique system to monitor quality of life by health care providers, but also to collect data to be used in research.


Prof. dr. M.A. Grootenhuis MSc PhD
Dr. M. van Dijk
Dr. L. Haverman
Dr. H. Maurice-Stam PhD
Dr. K.J. Oostrom
Dr. L. Scholten
Dr. L. van der Sluijs Veer

Drs. J.P. Marchal (Yield- University of Amsterdam)
Dr. C.S.H. Aarnoudse - Moens

PhD Students
Drs. M.Douma (Phd-student Op Koersonline)
Drs. L. Steur (VUMC)
Drs. H.A. van Oers (Phd-student parents)
Drs. P.F. Limperg (Phd-student hemofilie)
Drs. C.A. van Houdt Houdt (Phd-student neonatology)
Drs. S. van Veen (Phd-student neonatology)

Drs Kelly van Bindsberen (Phd-student- robot oncology)

Drs. F.E. Walraven (research assistant)
Drs S. Lijdsman (research assistant)