Pharmacy (research)

The mission of the pharmacy department is to provide evidence-based high quality pharmaceutical care to patients admitted to AMC. Research in the pharmacy department focuses on improvement of patient care by clinical pharmaceutical and clinical pharmacological research performed in close cooperation with physicians and nurses.

Research topics

  1. Assessment of predictive factors for adverse drug events (ADEs). Intervention strategies are developed in order to reduce ADEs in vulnerable patients using high-risk drugs (clinical pharmacy);
  2. Investigation of the relationship between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs used in specific patient populations in order to individualize dosing regimens (clinical pharmacology)

Goals and ambitions

  • Validation of quality indicators for pharmaceutical care allowing the development of more clinical interventions strategies in order to reduce ADEs in vulnerable patients;
  • Establishment of an adequate infrastructure for support of clinical pharmacology research projects;
  • Support and initiate new clinical pharmacology projects in collaboration with other clinical research groups.

Research lines
Research of the Pharmacy department consists of two main lines, namely Clinical
Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology.

The “AMC-loop” depicts the integration of the research lines:



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