Medical Imaging Unit

In the AMC the following medical imaging machines are available for research:

  • 3T MRI: this machine is available as a research scanner for more than half of its time, also in the evening hours and weekend.fMRI equipment and expertise of lab assistants and MR-physicists are available. See for an overview of the setup and expertise;
  • Various multi slice CT scanners, one 1T MRI, two 1.5T MRIs, and conventional radiology (i.e. X-thorax) machines. These machines are mainly used for patient care, but limited use for contracted research is possible;
  • DEXA: for bone density measurements;
  • C-arm (ARIA/GDIA): Philips Pulsera C-boog with peripheral apparatus;
  • C-arm (for experimental surgery): surgery room for large and small animals with C-arm.

The AMC participates in the Amsterdam based Spinoza center for neuroimaging, and a 7T MRI scanner of will be available in 2014 at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN), next to the AMC.