Paediatric Nephrology

Research lines pediatric nephrology department:

1.       End-stage renal disease in children.

This clinical research line is focused on the improvement of the quality of care of chronic renal replacement therapy (RRT) in children. The aim is to describe current somatic and psychosocial outcomes of ESRD children and evaluate new more optimal strategies and monitoring tools of quality of care of chronic renal replacement therapy in children. There is a close collaboration with the KIK ( ESPN registry), the department of Psychosocial Research in Pediatrics and the department of Pediatric cardiology (monitoring of cardiovascular disease). There is also a close collaboration with all Dutch and Belgian centers for chronic renal replacement therapy as well as the German centers of Bonn and Cologne of RRT in children.

2.       Primary Hyperoxaluria. The Ped Nephrology department is expertise center of this rare disease. Focus of the research part is the unraveling of the specific metabolic pathways leading to hyperoxaluria and participation in international trials for patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria type 1. There is a close collaboration with the Department of Metabolic disease

3.       Nephrotic syndrome. Focus is on new therapies for idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. (INS) The current application is the follow-up of an international RCT to the efficacy of levamisole in INS.

4.       LDL-apheresis in homozygous familiar hypercholesterolemia.  The AMC is expertise center for lipid abnormalities and the department of Pediatric Nephrology is the only center in the NL that provides LDL-apheresis in children with homozygous Familiar hypercholesterolemia, a rare form of extreme high LDL-cholesterol levels with early onset of atherosclerosis. The research focuses on the world wide epidemiology of LDL-A in homozygous FH

Research Topics

Research lines pediatric nephrology department:

1.       End-stage renal disease in children. Quality of care, quality of life and outcomes of ESRD in children (PI JW Groothoff).

a.        A. RICH Q: leader international consortium on quality of care of ESRD in children. 2 former PhD projects (Marieke Tromp 2009, Nikki Schoenmaker 2012), currently one PhD candidate (Maike van Huis, planned thesis defense september 2016)

b.       LERIC: late effects of renal insufficiency in children (thesis Judith Vogelzang 2015, part thesis Lidwien Tjaden 2016)

c.        Collaboration ESPN Registry ( part thesis van Huis 2016, part thesis Tjaden 2016)

d.       Quality of life and cognitive functioning in ESRD – collaboration psychosocial department ( thesis Tjaden 2016, new application Kidney Foundation 2016)

2.       Primary Hyperoxaluria (PI  JW Groothoff, MJ Oosterveld)

a.        Insight in metabolic pathways of PH1-3 by stable isotope infusion: PhD traject Sander Garrelfs, collaboration stable isotope lab AMC ( H Schierbeek/H v Goudoever)

b.       Former trials in 2009-2012 with Oxalobacter. Currently 2 participation in 2 international trials with GO blockade by iRNA, inclusions first patients August 2016 and November 2016

c.        PHYOS: observational study PH1 ( sponsored by Dicerna)

3.        Nephrotic Syndrome (PI AH Bouts)

a.        Application Consortium on the efficacy of adding levamisole to prednisone in the first treatment of steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome Dutch Kidney Foundation. Collaboration with, department of  Pathology (Florquin) , Radboud MC and VUMC

4.       LDL-apheresis. (PI JW Groothoff). Set up of an international Registry on homozygous FH children on LDL-A by IL Luirink, close collaboration with Dep Metabolic Disease ( A Wiegman), KEBB ( BA Hutten) and Dep Vascular Medicine (GK Hovingh, E Stroes)

Researchers section Paediatric Nephrology

Staff Members
JW Groothoff
AH Bouts
MJ Oosterveld

PhD Students : SF Garrelfs
M v Huis
IL Luirink



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