H. Peters Sengers MSc PhD


MSc PhD H. Peters Sengers

Other Academic Staff, Research Associate
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Clinical Epidemiology
Focus of research

Since September 2017, I started to work as a postdoctoral clinical epidemiologist in the group of prof. dr. Tom van der Poll. My project will entail data analyses linking clinical and molecular data including validation of already discovered RNA biomarkers for sepsis in independent patient groups, and discovery of new sepsis biomarkers focusing on messenger RNA’s. I intend to use the Molecular Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Sepsis (MARS) database, a prospective cohort study including 8113 patients admitted to the intensive care units (ICUs) of two Dutch tertiary teaching hospitals. My key projects include:

1) To predict key variables associated with organ dysfunction 24-48 hours ahead of time in critically ill patients admitted to the ICU. Being able to predict organ dysfunction ahead of time will assist physicians in preempting severe organ dysfunction, and thereby aiding in the clinical decision process earlier in the course of ICU treatment.

2) Finding a molecular host response assay for sepsis. This could aid phycisians in tailoring antibiotic treatment to critically ill patients admitted to the ICU.


Key publications
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