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Prof. PhD T. van der Poll

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Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases
Focus of research

The research headed by Van der Poll has a strong translational character with sepsis (and its major cause pneumonia) as the main topic. Focus lies on the innate immune response, in particular pattern recognition receptors, and on the regulation of the procoagulant response. The Key objective is to determine the mechanisms by which the innate immune and procoagulant responses to infection are initiated and subsequently regulated. This research makes use of both observational studies in patients with clinical disease (in particular sepsis and pneumonia) and mechanistic investigations in healthy volunteers (who are exposed to bacterial products via the intravenous or intrabronchial route) and genetically modified mice lacking or over-expressing proteins implicated in innate immunity or coagulation (in which clinically relevant models of sepsis have been established).

Contained within this research, Van der Poll is the leading scientist in biomarker discovery and validation in 3 large European projects on pneumonia, peritonitis and sepsis (COMBACTE-CARE, COMBACTE-MAGNET and SEPCELL), which provides unique opportunities to further expand the translational research by his group

Key publications
  • van der Poll Tom, van de Veerdonk Frank L., Scicluna Brendon P., Netea Mihai G. The immunopathology of sepsis and potential therapeutic targets Nature reviews. Immunology 2017;17 (7):407-420 [PubMed]
  • Scicluna Brendon P., van Vught Lonneke A., Zwinderman Aeilko H., Wiewel Maryse A., Davenport Emma E., Burnham Katie L., Nürnberg Peter, Schultz Marcus J., Horn Janneke, Cremer Olaf L., Bonten Marc J., Hinds Charles J., Wong Hector R., Knight Julian C., van der Poll Tom, de Beer Friso M., Bos Lieuwe D. J., Frencken Jos F., Koster-Brouwer Maria E., van de Groep Kirsten, Verboom Diana M., Glas Gerie J., van Hooijdonk Roosmarijn T. M., Hoogendijk Arie J., Huson Mischa A., Klouwenberg Peter M. Klein, Ong David S. Y., Schouten Laura R. A., Straat Marleen, Witteveen Esther, Wieske Luuk Classification of patients with sepsis according to blood genomic endotype: a prospective cohort study lancet. Respiratory medicine 2017;5 (10):816-826 [PubMed]
  • van Vught Lonneke A., Klein Klouwenberg Peter M. C., Spitoni Cristian, Scicluna Brendon P., Wiewel Maryse A., Horn Janneke, Schultz Marcus J., Nürnberg Peter, Bonten Marc J. M., Cremer Olaf L., van der Poll Tom, de Beer Friso M., Bos Lieuwe D. J., Frencken Jos F., Glas Gerie J., van Hooijdonk Roosmarijn T. M., Hoogendijk Arie J., Huson Mischa A., Ong David S. Y., Schouten Laura R. A., Straat Marleen, Witteveen Esther, Wieske Luuk Incidence, Risk Factors, and Attributable Mortality of Secondary Infections in the Intensive Care Unit After Admission for Sepsis JAMA 2016;315 (14):1469-1479 [PubMed]
  • Cheng Shih-Chin, Scicluna Brendon P., Arts Rob J. W., Gresnigt Mark S., Lachmandas Ekta, Giamarellos-Bourboulis Evangelos J., Kox Matthijs, Manjeri Ganesh R., Wagenaars Jori A. L., Cremer Olaf L., Leentjens Jenneke, van der Meer Anne J., van de Veerdonk Frank L., Bonten Marc J., Schultz Marcus J., Willems Peter H. G. M., Pickkers Peter, Joosten Leo A. B., van der Poll Tom, Netea Mihai G. Broad defects in the energy metabolism of leukocytes underlie immunoparalysis in sepsis Nature immunology 2016;17 (4):406-413 [PubMed]
  • Angus Derek C., van der Poll Tom Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock New England journal of medicine 2013;369 (9):840-851 [PubMed]
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Tom van der Poll is Professor of Medicine in the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is Chair of the Department of Medicine in this institution. Van der Poll is board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. His training included a postdoctoral research fellowship in Cornell University Medical College in New York (1993-1995). Van der Poll is a former Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (1995-2000). Van der Poll’s research focuses on the innate immune and procoagulant response during sepsis. He published > 800 articles on this topic.



Research programmes

Prof. PhD T. van der Poll (Pathophysiology of sepsis)

This program focuses on the host response to severe infection. Two main topics are studied: (1) the role of pattern recognition receptors and innate immunity in host defense, and (2) the influence of coagulation on host defense mechanisms. The most predominant research line studies bacterial sepsis and the most common causes of sepsis pneumonia and peritonitis. Another research line studies tuberculosis.

Theme: Infection and Immunity

This research group participates in CINIMA

PhD A.F. de Vos
Prof. MD PhD J.W.R. Hovius
PhD C. van t Veer
Prof. MD PhD W.J. Wiersinga

PhD J.M. Butler
PhD C.E. Malmstrom
PhD H. Matsumoto
MSc PhD H. Peters Sengers
BA MSc PhD B.P. Scicluna
PhD F. Uhel
MD PhD L.A. van Vught

R. de Beer
S. Klarenbeek
BEng D.W.M. Kruijswijk

Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Atox Bio Ltd.
  • Europese Unie
  • Landsteiner Stichting voor Bloedtransfusie Research
  • NWO
  • Nierstichting Nederland
  • Stichting AMC Foundation
  • TiGenix S.A.U.
  • ZonMw


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