Corona virus - other information

The coronavirus outbreak also led to additional measures in Amsterdam UMC. We are well prepared for the arrival of patients with the new corona virus. Patients and visitors run no extra risk of infection when visiting the hospital. Patient care in Amsterdam UMC runs normally.

If you have general questions about the coronavirus, please visit the RIVM website or call the national information number 0800-1351.

Do you think you are infected with the new coronavirus?

Do not visit the hospital. Stay at home and call your GP. He or she will ask you some questions and discuss how to proceed.

Patient with suspicion

If a patient in Amsterdam UMC is suspected of infection with the virus, fixed rules come into effect. The patient is being nursed in isolation in a single room. Employees who have contact with the patient will have to protect themselves. They wear a mask that falls over their mouth and nose, glasses, an apron and gloves. The patient is examined as quickly as possible to determine whether the virus is actually present. In addition, the GGD is informed.

Measures to prevent infection

The most important measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are:

  • Do not shake hands

  • Wash your hands regularly

  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow

  • Use paper handkerchiefs

Can I still come for a visit?

Do you have a fever, a cough, shortness of breath or a cold? First contact your treating physician by telephone, please.

Are you a visitor or supervisor of a patient? Do you have a fever, a cough, shortness of breath or a cold? Unfortunately you are not allowed to enter Amsterdam UMC!

Are you a student? Read more here.

Tourists with questions about the coronavirus

Tourists, expats and other visitors of Amsterdam without a GP with questions about the coronavirus should preferably NOT be examined in the hospital or at a family doctor's surgery. These groups can report to:

Amsterdam Tourist Doctors 020-2373654,

Tourist Doctor Amsterdam, 020-4275011 or 020-2357823.

The government has opened the number 0800-1351 for anyone with questions about the coronavirus.