Increase in corona patients has impact on regular care

All hospitals in Noord Holland and Flevoland are receiving more and more corona patients. In recent weeks, the number of corona patients has increased rapidly especially in nursing wards. Together the hospitals take various measures to keep healthcare as accessible as possible for all patients during this second corona wave.

Employees of all hospitals do the utmost to provide as much regular care as possible. Unfortunately hospitals are necessitated to move non-emergency care to a later time, due to the large influx of the number of corona patients and the non-availability of sufficient health staff.

Which care will be continued and which care will be postponed?

Emergency care, emergency surgery, oncology care (cancer treatments) and acute obstetrician care will be continued.

Unfortunately, hospitals have to postpone a certain number of appointments and surgeries for other patients. This concerns appointments and operations that can be postponed safely from a medical perspective and for which the waiting time could increase. This applies to all hospitals in the region of Noord Holland and Flevoland. We realize how annoying this is and all our employees do their very best to continue consultation hours and treatments as much as possible.

Digital care

Some appointments can easily be made by telephone or video calling.
Of course this will be done in a responsible way and only in a safe way.


All hospitals in the region of Noord-Holland and Flevoland have made arrangements to continue the care for both corona and non-corona patients for as long as possible. For example, information about the available capacity and number of corona patients is provided and coordinated on a daily basis.

There are also good and clear arrangements about the smooth and safe ambulance transport of patients within these regions. In addition, all hospitals have cooperation agreements with general practitioners in their own region. All this to help patients in need to contact their hospital. Close if possible and further away if necessary.