House rules

Amsterdam UMC wants to provide a safe and pleasant environment for its patients, visitors and staff. For this reason it has drawn up the following house rules.

The one-and-a-half meter society

At Amsterdam UMC we stay 1.5 meters away from each other. In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, we are taking the necessary measures to ensure a safe living and working environment.

Access to the hospital

At the public entrances, everyone who wants to enter Amsterdam UMC is screened for a possible Covid-19 infection and is given a wristband. During office hours, employees must enter Amsterdam UMC through the staff entrances. Outside office hours, the existing agreements for the entrances and exits of Amsterdam UMC are in force.

Rules for visitors

The rules for visitors change regularly and differ between departments. The current number of visitors allowed per patient can be found on each department’s website: resp.

  1. We expect everyone to behave with respect.
  2. Filming and photography (including mobile device cameras) is only allowed with prior permission.
  3. Amsterdam UMC is a smoke-free area.
  4. Amsterdam UMC operates CCTV surveillance.
  5. You can use your mobile phone to make calls and use internet, but not everywhere in the building. Areas where mobile devices such as phones and tablets cannot be used because they may affect equipment are clearly signposted.
  6. Alcoholic drinks and the possession and use of illicit drugs are forbidden in public areas.
  7. If you are not a member of Amsterdam UMC staff, a patient or a visitor, please report to the reception desk.
  8. If you are visiting a patient, please check the visiting guidelines of the ward.
  9. Car parking: all vehicles and their contents are left at the owners' own risk Amsterdam UMC accepts no liability for damage to or theft from cars, bicycles, motorcycles etc. parked on Amsterdam UMC grounds. This applies to vehicles parked in all car parks (surface and multi-storey) and all bicycle parking facilities.
  10. Animals are not permitted inside the hospital buildings. Due to the risk of infectious diseases, dogs, cats and other animals are not welcome at Amsterdam UMC. Only trained assistance dogs accompanying their owner are allowed.
  11. Do not bring valuables to Amsterdam UMC. Unfortunately theft can be a problem in Amsterdam UMC building. For this reason you are advised not to bring valuable items to Amsterdam UMC. Any valuables should be kept in a locker or lockable cupboard.
  12. We expect everyone to follow the (fire)safety rules.
  13. Visitors and external staff are requested to follow any instructions given by Amsterdam UMC staff.
  14. Lost property: please hand in any lost property to the reception desk. You are kindly requested to hand in any lost property you may find to the nearest reception desk. Lost property can be collected from the reception desk at the main entrance (C0).
  15. Amsterdam UMC staff and external staff are clearly identifiable. Amsterdam UMC staff display their Amsterdam UMC badge in the building at all times. Staff of suppliers and other external businesses display a badge or logo of their own organisation. It is forbidden by law to wear clothing that covers your face.
  16. External staff? Ask for the safety & security rules. If you are visiting Amsterdam UMC as an external employee, please ask your contact person for the safety & security rules.


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