MSc A. Bakker

PhD Candidate
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Technical Physician
Focus of research


Key publications
  • Bakker Akke, Kolff M. Willemijn, Holman Rebecca, van Leeuwen Caspar M., Korshuize-van Straten Linda, de Kroon-Oldenhof Rianne, Rasch Coen R. N., van Tienhoven Geertjan, Crezee Hans Thermal Skin Damage During Reirradiation and Hyperthermia Is Time-Temperature Dependent International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 2017;98 (2):392-399 [PubMed]
  • Bakker Akke, Holman Rebecca, Rodrigues Dario B., Dobšíček Trefná Hana, Stauffer Paul R., van Tienhoven Geertjan, Rasch Coen R. N., Crezee Hans Analysis of clinical data to determine the minimum number of sensors required for adequate skin temperature monitoring of superficial hyperthermia treatments International journal of hyperthermia 2018;34 (7):910-917 [PubMed]
  • Bakker Akke, van der Zee Jacoba, van Tienhoven Geertjan, Kok H. Petra, Rasch Coen R. N., Crezee Hans Temperature and thermal dose during radiotherapy and hyperthermia for recurrent breast cancer are related to clinical outcome and thermal toxicity: a systematic review International journal of hyperthermia 2019;36 (1):1024-1039 [PubMed]
  • Bakker Akke, Blokhuis Taco J., Meeks Michelle D. M. E., Hermens Hermie J., Holtslag Herman R. DYNAMIC WEIGHT LOADING IN OLDER PEOPLE WITH HIP FRACTURES Journal of rehabilitation medicine 2014;46 (7):708-711 [PubMed]
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