A. Logiantara

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Main activities
murine models for inhalation allergy
Focus of research

Underlying mechanism of immune therapy in murine models for Birch Pollen and House Dust Mite allergy

Research programmes

Prof. PhD R. van Ree (Molecular mechanisms of disease induction, symptom expression, immunotherpay and prevention in IgE-mediated allergy)

The main areas of interets of the Allergy Reserach group are:

  • Protein-chemistry and molecular biology of respiratory and food allergens: what makes an allergen an allergen?
  • Innovative approaches for in vitro and in vivo diagnosis of IgE-mediated allergy: from allergen extracts to molecular diagnostics.
  • Innovative biopharmaceutical approaches for allergen-specific immunotherapy: recombinant technology, novel adjuvants and administration routes.
  • Immuno-epidemiology of respiratory and food allergies: the role of allergen exposure, environment, diet, infections and lifestyle in the development of allergy.
  • Mouse models of allergy and asthma: how are sensitization and disease expression regulated? 

Theme: Infection and Immunity / Public Health and Epidemiology

This research group participates in CIA

PhD J.H. Akkerdaas
PhD L. Jongejan
MEng PhD L.S. van Rijt

PhD Students
PhD Z. Gao
MSc S.A. Lyons

A. Logiantara
S.A. Versteeg