A.B. Witteveen PhD

Main activities
Patient care, Research
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Focus of research

The main aim of my research is to explore the effects of psychological and pharmacological interventions on trauma-related disorders like PTSD. I am currently involved in an RCT on the effects Cognitive Behavioral Therapy versus medication (SSRI, paroxetine) for PTSD. Current pilot-studies concern biofeedback addition to exposure therapy in PTSD and the administration of hydrocortisone for PTSD-patients. In my research activities, I am also interested in psychobiological and neuroendocrine aspects of stress and stress-related disorders like PTSD as well as its epidemiology. Previously, I have been coordinating an EU-funded project to improve psychosocial care after trauma and disaster Europe-wide.

Other research related activities
  • Teacher and researcher Academy for Midwifes Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center