B.J.G. van den Boom

PhD Candidate
Main activities
Behavioral neuroscience
Focus of research

I use head-mounted miniaturized microscopes combined with chronically implanted microendoscopes to image calcium signaling in vivo in striatal output neurons and midbrain dopamine neurons of freely-behaving rats to visualize how motivational behavior is encoded in the brain, specifically the shift from goal-directed to habitual behavior. In addition, I use this technique to image cellular activity in genetically engineered mice that show compulsive-like behaviors to understand the neuronal mechanisms of compulsivity that could potentially lead to a better understanding of psychiatric disorders such as addiction, OCD, and trichotillomania.

Key publications
  • van den Boom Bastijn J. G., Pavlidi Pavlina, Wolf Casper M. H., Mooij Hanne A. H., Willuhn Ingo Automated classification of self-grooming in mice using open-source software Journal of neuroscience methods 2017;289:48-56 [PubMed]
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