Dr. K. Nieuwenhuijsen

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Research, Teaching
Mental health and work
Focus of research
  • Work functioning and return to work of workers with mental health problems
  • Work-related mental disorders
Key publications
  • Nieuwenhuijsen K, Faber B, Verbeek JH, Neumeyer-Gromen A, Hees HL, Verhoeven AC, van der Feltz-Cornelis CM, Bültmann U, Interventions to improve return to work in depressed people. COCHRANE DB SYST REV 2014;2014 (12):CD006237 [PubMed]
  • Boezeman EJ, Sluiter JK, Nieuwenhuijsen K, Measuring Work Functioning: Validity of a Weighted Composite Work Functioning Approach. J OCCUP REHABIL 2015;25 (3):537-542 [PubMed]
  • Noordik E, van der Klink JJ, Geskus RB, de Boer MR, van Dijk FJH, Nieuwenhuijsen K, Effectiveness of an exposure-based return-to-work program for workers on sick leave due to common mental disorders: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. SCAND J WORK ENV HEA 2013;39 (2):144-154 [PubMed]
  • Nieuwenhuijsen K, Noordik E, van Dijk FJH, van der Klink JJ, Return to work perceptions and actual return to work in workers with common mental disorders. J OCCUP REHABIL 2013;23 (2):290-299 [PubMed]
  • Norder G, Roelen CAM, van der Klink JJL, Bültmann U, Sluiter JK, Nieuwenhuijsen K, External Validation and Update of a Prediction Rule for the Duration of Sickness Absence Due to Common Mental Disorders. J OCCUP REHABIL 2017;27 (2):202-209 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae


2010-present Senior Researcher Research Center for Insurance Medicine AMC-UMCG-UWV-VUmc

2007- present Assistant Professor Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, AMC

2004-2010 Consultant work-related mental health disorders, Netherlands Centre for Occupational Diseases, AMC

2004-2007 Post Doc Researcher Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, AMC

1999-2004 PhD Student Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, AMC

1998-1999 Psychologist in outpatient Addiction Centre


International Experience

2005-2008 Work Disability Prevention Strategic Training Program, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Research programmes

Prof. dr. M.H.W. Frings-Dresen (Occupational Diseases; Etiology and prevention of work-related diseases)

Prof. dr. J.K. Sluiter † (Medical selection and medical guidance of workers)

Dr. A.G.E.M. de Boer (Chronic disease and work)

Other research related activities
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, COCHRANE DATABASE OF SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS