Dr. M.H. Mochtar MD PhD

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Focus of research

Unexplained subfertility

The research programme focuses on the evaluation of therapy of couples with Unexplained subfertility and male factor subfertility. A distinction is made between women younger than 38 years of age and older, since age is a predominate factor in the changes to become pregnant. The research will be performed  in multicenter national setting (Dutch Fertility Consortium) Unexplained subfertility will be investigated with regard to diagnostic strategies and expectant management. The applicant is the principal investigator of a current randomised study comparing different ovarian hyperstimulation medication for the first line treatment of these couples i.e. Intra uterine insemination. In 2015 two more multicentre studies will be started comparing the standard treatment IUI for younger women, IVF for older women to expectant management. Next to efficacy, patients preferences and implementing expectant management will be the focus of these studies.

Male factor subfertility

The second research line focuses on male factor subfertility a distinction is made in mild male factor and severe male factor. In couples in whom the man suffers from azoospermia, surgically removed sperm is used for ICSI treatment. In case this treatment fails, treatment with donor semen can be an alternative. The applicant is principal investigator of a randomised study comparing intra-cervical insemination of donor sperm to intra uterine insemination.

Patient preferences 

Key publications
  • van den Wijngaard L, Rodijk ICM, van der Veen F, Gooskens-van Erven MHW, Koks CAM, Verhoeve HR, Mol BWJ, van Wely M, Mochtar MH, Patient preference for a long-acting recombinant FSH product in ovarian hyperstimulation in IVF: a discrete choice experiment. HUM REPROD 2015;30 (2):331-337 [PubMed]
  • Musters AM, van Wely M, Mastenbroek S, Kaaijk EM, Repping S, van der Veen F, Mochtar MH, The effect of recombinant LH on embryo quality: a randomized controlled trial in women with poor ovarian reserve. HUM REPROD 2012;27 (1):244-250 [PubMed]
  • Mochtar MH, Custers IM, Koks CAM, Bernardus RE, Verhoeve HR, Mol BW, van Wely M, van der Veen F, Timing oocyte collection in GnRH agonists down-regulated IVF and ICSI cycles: a randomized clinical trial. HUM REPROD 2011;26 (5):1091-1096 [PubMed]
  • Kop PAL, van Wely M, Mol BW, de Melker AA , Janssens PMW, Arends B, Curfs MHJM, Kortman M, Nap A, Rijnders E, Roovers JPWR, Ruis H, Simons AHM, Repping S, van der Veen F, Mochtar MH, Intrauterine insemination or intracervical insemination with cryopreserved donor sperm in the natural cycle: a cohort study. HUM REPROD 2015;30 (3):603-607 [PubMed]
  • Mochtar MH, Danhof NA, Ayeleke RO, van der Veen F, van Wely M, Recombinant luteinizing hormone (rLH) and recombinant follicle stimulating hormone (rFSH) for ovarian stimulation in IVF/ICSI cycles. COCHRANE DB SYST REV 2017;2017 (5):CD005070 [PubMed]
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Prof. dr. S. Repping (Reproduction & Development -- Human Reproduction)

Prof. dr. F. van der Veen (Reproduction and development])

Prof. dr. M. Goddijn MD PhD (Reproductive Medicine)

Other research related activities
  • Contribution to guidelines and protocols, Gamete donation
  • Contribution to guidelines and protocols, Kwaliteitsnorm PESA, MESA, TESE
Current research funding
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam-ABC
  • ZonMw