Dr. P.L. Klarenbeek MD PhD

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Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
Focus of research

Analysis of the T-cell receptor repertoire and B-cell receptor repertoire using next generation sequencing techniques

Key publications
  • Klarenbeek PL, Remmerswaal EBM, ten Berge IJM, Doorenspleet ME , van Schaik BDC, Esveldt REE, Koch SD, ten Brinke A, van Kampen AHC, Bemelman FJ, Tak PP, Baas F, de Vries N, van Lier RAW, Deep sequencing of antiviral T-cell responses to HCMV and EBV in humans reveals a stable repertoire that is maintained for many years. PLOS PATHOG 2012;8 (9):e1002889 [PubMed]
  • Klarenbeek PL, de Hair MJH, Doorenspleet ME , van Schaik BDC, Esveldt REE, van de Sande MGH, Cantaert T, Gerlag DM, Baeten D, van Kampen AHC, Baas F, Tak PP, de Vries N, Inflamed target tissue provides a specific niche for highly expanded T-cell clones in early human autoimmune disease. ANN RHEUM DIS 2012;71 (6):1088-1093 [PubMed]
  • Klarenbeek PL, Tak PP, van Schaik BDC, Zwinderman AH, Jakobs ME, Zhang Z, van Kampen AHC, van Lier RAW, Baas F, de Vries N, Human T-cell memory consists mainly of unexpanded clones. IMMUNOL LETT 2010;133 (1):42-48 [PubMed]
  • van Gisbergen KPJM, Klarenbeek PL, Kragten NAM, Unger PPA, Nieuwenhuis MBB, Wensveen FM, ten Brinke A, Tak PP, Eldering E, Nolte MA, van Lier RAW, The costimulatory molecule CD27 maintains clonally diverse CD8(+) T cell responses of low antigen affinity to protect against viral variants. IMMUNITY 2011;35 (1):97-108 [PubMed]
  • Doorenspleet ME , Klarenbeek PL, de Hair MJH, van Schaik BDC, Esveldt REE, van Kampen AHC, Gerlag DM, Musters A, Baas F, Tak PP, de Vries N, Rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue harbours dominant B-cell and plasma-cell clones associated with autoreactivity. ANN RHEUM DIS 2014;73 (4):756-762 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. dr. N. de Vries MD PhD (“Adaptive immunomics”: Immunogenomic approaches to selectively monitor and target adaptive immune responses in immune-mediated inflammatory disease)

Current research funding
  • AMC
  • AMC (Vrijgesteld)
  • ZonMw (Vrijgesteld)