Drs. I.K. Joore MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Infectious Diseases, General Practice, Primary Care
Focus of research

The focus of my research is on proactive HIV testing in primary care.

Key publications
  • Joore IK, Arts DL, Kruijer MJP, Moll van Charante EP, Geerlings SE, Prins JM, van Bergen JE, HIV indicator condition-guided testing to reduce the number of undiagnosed patients and prevent late presentation in a high-prevalence area: a case-control study in primary care. SEX TRANSM INFECT 2015;91 (7):467-472 [PubMed]
  • Joore IK, van Roosmalen SL, van Bergen JE, van Dijk N, General practitioners' barriers and facilitators towards new provider-initiated HIV testing strategies: a qualitative study. INT J STD AIDS 2017;28 (5):459-466 [PubMed]
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