Drs. N. Kortbeek

PhD student
Main activities
Health logistics; Applied Mathematics; Operations Research; Resource Capacity Planning and Control
Focus of research

Driven by increased health expenditures, an ageing population, and long waiting lists, the majority of the hospitals is reconsidering the organisation of the internal processes. The challenge is to redesign the internal layout and control in such a way that both the interests of the patient and of the hospital are addressed. In our research we aim to develop mathematical models and techniques to analyse and support the design of the optimal logistical layout of a hospital. The output consists of decision support tools, (mathematical) models and techniques that capture the inherent complexity of healthcare processes, to analyse the relation between system configurations, optimized and robust system planning and control, and system performance.

The department of Quality Assurance and Process Innovation performs research on a broad area of quality improvement and patient safety. The research is carried out in close cooperation with other internal and external departments involved in; improving patient care, patient logistics, patient centerness, patient satisfaction, shared decision making, decision support techniques, evidence-based decision making, evidence based practice, guideline adherence, management quality circles, safety management, quality indicators, clinical governance, medical & nursing audit and quality of health care evaluation.


Key publications
  • Hulshof PJH, Boucherie RJ, Essen JTv, Hans EW, Hurink JL, Kortbeek N, Litvak N, Vanberkel PT, Veen Evd, Veltman B, Vliegen IMH, Zonderland ME, ORchestra: an online reference database of OR/MS literature in health care. HEALTH CARE MANAG SC 2011;14 (4):383-384 [PubMed]
  • de Kort W, Janssen M, Kortbeek N, Jansen N, van der Wal J, van Dijk N, Platelet pool inventory management: theory meets practice. TRANSFUSION 2011;51 (11):2295-2303 [PubMed]
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Other research related activities
  • PhD Candidate, University of Twente