E.L. Leemans MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Medical Image Analysis
Focus of research

She is currently involved in the IMPRES project (IMProving Risk Prediction and Effectiveness of Treatment of Intracranial AneurysmS). The goal of this project is to (1) improve rupture risk assessment of unruptured aneurysms by taking into account hemodynamics as well as pathophysiology of the aneurysm wall by imaging of aneurysmal wall disease: wall thinning and inflammation, and (2) improve treatment of both ruptured and unruptured aneurysms by enhancing understanding of treatment-initiated aneurysmal changes in morphology and hemodynamics.

Key publications
  • Leemans EL, Kotasidis F, Wissmeyer M, Garibotto V, Zaidi H, Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Blob-Based Time-of-Flight PET Image Reconstruction in Hybrid Brain PET/MR Imaging. MOL IMAGING BIOL 2015;17 (5):704-713 [PubMed]
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