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Exp. Dermatology Vitiligo/Melanoma
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Exp. Dermatology - Vitiligo/Melanoma

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  • Tjin Esther P. M., Konijnenberg Debby, Krebbers Gabrielle, Mallo Henk, Drijfhout Jan W., Franken Kees L. M. C., van der Horst Chantal M. A. M., Bos Jan D., Nieweg Omgo E., Kroon Bin B. R., Haanen John B. A. G., Melief Cornelis J. M., Vyth-Dreese Florry A., Luiten Rosalie M. T-cell immune function in tumor, skin, and peripheral blood of advanced stage melanoma patients: implications for immunotherapy Clinical cancer research 2011;17 (17):5736-5747 [PubMed]
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Prof. R.M. Luiten PhD (Pigment cell disorders of the skin)