MD PhD H.J.G.D. van den Bongard

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Radiation oncology; with focus on breast cancer, MR-guided radiotherapy, hyperthermia, oligometastases.
Focus of research

Dr. van den Bongards research is focussed on de-escalation of treatment and decreased treatment-induced morbidity in breast cancer patients with the aim to optimize quality of life after treatment.

Her main focus in research is the clinical introduction of treatment with one single-dose pre-operative MR-guided Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) in low-risk breast cancer patients (instead of standard post-operative partial or whole breast irradiation during 2 to 5 weeks).

Pre-operative instead of post-operative PBI has the potential to further decrease radiotherapy-induced toxicity and improve quality of life due to irradiation of smaller target volumes and reduced organs at risk volumes. Pre-operative PBI offers the possibility for response monitoring using imaging, and evaluation of response markers in blood and tumor tissue compared to the standard postoperative irradiation. In addition, pre-operative PBI has the potential to greatly reduce the treatment burden if the pathologic complete response can be accurately predicted, and would allow omitting breast-conserving surgery. Moreover, patients that would still require BCS would benefit from a single dose of pre-operative PBI instead of 2 to 5 weeks of postoperative irradiation in the current standard of care. 

The clinical feasibility of pre-operative irradiation with one single dose followed by breast-conserving surgery 6 to 8 month after irradiation has been proven in a multicenter study that showed a pathologic complete response in more than 40% of the patients. In the recent future, the ABLATIVE-2 trial will be initiated to study the response at 1 year after pre-operative PBI including potential response predictors in these patients.



Key publications
  • Vasmel Jeanine E., Charaghvandi Ramona K., Houweling Antonetta C., Philippens Marielle E. P., van Asselen Bram, Vreuls Celien P. H., van Diest Paul J., van Leeuwen A. M. Gijs, van Gorp Joost, Witkamp Arjen J., Koelemij Ron, Doeksen Annemiek, Sier Maartje F., van Dalen Thijs, van der Wall Elsken, van Dam Iris, Veldhuis Wouter B., Kirby Anna M., Verkooijen Helena M., van den Bongard H. J. G. Desiree Tumor Response After Neoadjuvant Magnetic Resonance Guided Single Ablative Dose Partial Breast Irradiation International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 2020;106 (4):821-829 [PubMed]
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  • Gregorowitsch M. L., van den Bongard H. J. G. D., Young-Afat D. A., Pignol J. P., van Gils C. H., May A. M., Verkooijen H. M. Severe depression more common in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ than early-stage invasive breast cancer patients Breast cancer research and treatment 2018;167 (1):205-213 [PubMed]
  • Charaghvandi Ramona K., den Hartogh Mariska D., van Ommen Anne-Mar L. N., de Vries Wilfred J. H., Scholten Vincent, Moerland Marinus A., Philippens Mariëlle E. P., Schokker Rogier I., van Vulpen Marco, van Asselen Bram, van den Bongard Desirée H. J. G. MRI-guided single fraction ablative radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer: A brachytherapy versus volumetric modulated arc therapy dosimetry study Radiotherapy and oncology 2015;117 (3):477-482 [PubMed]
All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Desirée van den Bongard is employed as a staff member at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, since September 2019. From 2009 to 2019, she was employed as a staff member at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University medical Center Utrecht. Breast cancer treatment and oligometastatic disease are her main specialties for patient care. The focus of her breast cancer research is de-escalation of breast cancer radiation therapy with the aim to further decrease the burden of breast cancer treatment, treatment-induced toxicity and improve the quality of life after breast cancer treatment. In low-risk breast cancer patients, she introduced one single dose of preoperative ablative radiotherapy (ABLATIVE trial) instead of the standard multiple fractions of postoperative irradiation with an overall treatment time of up to five weeks. Besides the aims to decrease the treatment burden and radiation therapy-induced toxicity, the blue sky is to predict the response after one single radiotherapy dose using deep learning methods artificial intelligence methods. This could lead to omission of breast surgery in selected future low-risk patients with a complete response after one single radiotherapy dose. Other research activities include the implementation of MRI-guided radiotherapy in breast cancer patients instead of standard radiotherapy planning CT only, to enable better definition of the irradiation target volumes, i.e. breast tumor in preoperative radiotherapy, and to minimize the radiotherapy dose in the surrounding normal tissues, such as the contralateral breast, heart and lungs which can result in decreased radiotherapy-induced toxicity and improved quality of life in these patients.


Professional experience and education

9-2019:            Radiation oncologist, Amsterdam UMC. Focus in patient care: Breast cancer, MR-guided radiotherapy, Hyperthermia and re-irradiation. Focus in research: De-escalation of breast cancer treatment, single ablative dose in radiotherapy.

2009-8/2019:   Radiation oncologist, UMC Utrecht. Focus in patient care: Breast cancer, MR-guided radiotherapy, Oligometastatic disease. Focus in research: De-escalation of breast cancer treatment, single ablative dose in radiotherapy.

2003-2008:      Radiation oncologist in training - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ziekenhuis, Amsterdam.

2002-2003:      Internal Medicine, in training - UMC Utrecht

2002:               PhD, Utrecht University. Title dissertation: Clinical pharmacokinetics of anticancer drugs

1999-2002:      PhD student - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital/Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

1998-1999:      Resident in Medical Oncology - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital/Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

1998:               MD, Maastricht University

1995:               Research internship: Departments of Physiology and Pediatrics - University Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, Texas, USA


Professional and teaching activities

Since 2013:     Faculty ESTRO teaching course Advanced Treatment Planning

Since 2015:     Reviewer for a range of journals including Radiotherapy and Oncology, the Breast, International Journal of Oncology Radiation Biology Physics, Clinical Breast Cancer, PLOS one

Since 2016:     Member Working Group Dutch Guidelines Breast cancer

Since 2016:     Chair Dutch Platform Radiotherapy Breast Cancer

Since 2018:     Member Editorial Office Blad B Dutch Breast Cancer Society

2013-2019:      Board IKNL-tumor working group Mammacarcinoom regio Utrecht

2013-2019:      Member Tumor Site Group Breast in the Atlantic Consortium MR-linac

2017-2019:      Member expertcommittee Shared Decision Making UMC Utrecht

2012-2016:      Member Scientific Advisory Committee - Pink Ribbon

2014-2016:      Teacher Clinical Scientific Education for Medical students, UMC Utrecht

2011-2017:      Teacher MRI course in Radiotherapy - UMC Utrecht

2012-2017:      Teacher Summer School, UMC Utrecht



2018:               Beslist Samen-2 grant: Shared Decision making in the Breast Cancer multidisciplinary meeting - UMC Utrecht in collaboration with Borstkanker Vereniging Nederland and Maastricht UMC+ (Role: PI)

2013:               KWF/Pink Ribbon Foundation research grant: Towards a single ablative radiation treatment in elderly breast cancer patients (Role: PI)

2006:               Scholarship FECS-AACR-ASCO: Methods in Clinical Cancer Research (Flims, Switzerland)



2018-2019:     Leadership programme Steyn Parve – UMC Utrecht

2016:              The informal leader, De Baak


Clinical trial activities/Principal investigator:

ABLATIVE-2 trial: MRI-guided single dose preoperative radiotherapy in low-risk breast cancer patients (NL63209.041.18)

ABLATIVE trial: Single ablative dose radiotherapy in breast cancer patients (NL 46017.041.13, identifier: NCT02316561)

MILANO trial: MR-imaging before and after sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer patients (NL 46017.041.13)

MAMRICT trial: MR-imaging before and after breast-conserving surgery (NTR3198)



BRAGATSTON trial: A multicentre cohort study on automated quantification of cardiovascular calcifications on radiotherapy planning CT scans for cardiovascular risk prediction in patients with breast cancer (NCT03206333)

UMBRELLA FIT trial: The effects of exercise on the quality of life of patients with breast cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (NTR5482/NL.52062.041.15)

UMBRELLA study group: Utrecht cohort for multiple beast cancer intervention studies and long-team evaluation (NCT02839863)


PhD Supervisorships:

1. Madelijn Gregowitsch, MD PhD. Patient-reported outcomes after breast cancer treatment. 

PhD defence: December 17, 2019. Utrecht University. 

2. Ramona Charaghvandi, MD PhD. Treatment de-escalation for early-stage breast cancer.

PhD defence: June 18, 2019. Utrecht University.

3. Danny Young Afat, MD PhD: Innovations in Patient-centered breast cancer research.

PhD defence: December 18, 2018. Utrecht University.

4. Sofie Gernaat, PhD: Cardiovascular disease after breast cancer treatment.

PhD defence: February 23, 2018. Utrecht University.

5. Tristan van Heijst, PhD. Towards breast cancer radiotherapy on the MRI-linac.

PhD defence: January 12, 2017. Utrecht University.

6. Mariska den Hartogh, MD PhD. Towards MRI-guided radiotherapy in early-stage breast cancer patients.

PhD defence: December 18, 2014. Utrecht University.



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