Ing. J. de Vos BSc

Laboratory technician
Main activities
Wire myograph, Histology, SEH surgery. blood pressure, BHV, BVF, Millieucontact persoon
Focus of research

To support the research department 'Biomedical Engineering and Physics'. Practicing work related within a wide range of Molecular Biology and Animal techniques. With special interest to Cardiovascular research

Key publications
  • Taherzadeh Z, VanBavel E, de Vos J, Matlung HL, van Montfrans G, Brewster LM, Seghers L, Quax PHA, Bakker ENTP, Strain-dependent susceptibility for hypertension in mice resides in the natural killer gene complex. AM J PHYSIOL-HEART C 2010;298 (4):H1273-H1282 [PubMed]
  • Matlung HL, Groen HC, de Vos J, van Walsum T, van der Lugt A, Niessen WJ, Wentzel JJ, VanBavel E, Bakker ENTP, Calcification Locates to Transglutaminases in Advanced Human Atherosclerotic Lesions. AM J PATHOL 2009;175 (4):1374-1379 [PubMed]
  • van Bree C, Rodermond HM, ten Cate R, de Vos J, Stalpers LJA, Haveman J, Medema JP, Franken NAP, G0 cell cycle arrest alone is insufficient for enabling the repair of ionizing radiation-induced potentially lethal damage. RADIAT RES 2008;170 (2):184-191 [PubMed]
  • van Bree C, Rodermond HM, de Vos J, Haveman J, Franken NAP, Mismatch repair proficiency is not required for radioenhancement by gemcitabine. INT J RADIAT ONCOL 2005;62 (5):1504-1509 [PubMed]
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