Ir. N. Dvinskikh

PhD student
Main activities
Focus of research

Development of the specimen specific biomechanical model of the wrist joint. Validation of the developed model.

Simulation, investigation and analysis of different clinical problems at either diagnosis or treatment procedures of the wrist joint acute trauma's.

Curriculum Vitae

Natallia A. Dvinskikh

Contact Information:

Department of Medical Engineering and Physics
Academical Medical Center of Amsterdam Phone: (020) 5665388
L0-151, Meibergdreef 9 Fax: (020) 6917233
1105 AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands E-mail:


04-07-1975, Minsk, Belarus
Married, 1 child
Citizenship: Dutch


Academical Medical Center of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
PhD., Biomechanics of human joints (expected graduation date: May 2010)
Thesis Topic: Biomechanical model of the wrist joint
Supervisor: Pr. Dr. Ir. Cees Grimbergen
Co-supervisors: Dr. Ir. Geert Streekstra, Dr. Ir. Leendert Blankevoort

Technical University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
M.S., Applied Physics, December 2004
Thesis Topic: Fetal Volume measurement with 3D ultrasound
Supervisor: Pr. Dr. Ir. P.F.F. Wijn (MMC, Veldhoven)
Co-supervisor: Ir. J.R.M. van Tillaart (MMC, Veldhoven)

Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
M.S., Computer-aided simulation of physical processes, June 1997
Thesis Topic: Pedagogical investigation of the use of a computer at the initial stage of teaching of physics
Supervisor: Pr. Dr. Ir. V.N. Gajsenak


University of Cambrige, Cambrige ESOL Level 2, Certi¯cate in Advanced English, 2009
University of Cambrige, Cambrige ESOL Level 1, First Certi¯cate in English, 2008
Technical University of Twente, Biomechanics, 2006
Technical University of Eindhoven, Front-End Vision and Multiscale Image Analysis, 2004
ROC Eindhoven, Nederlands als tweede taal, 2002

Work experience

Maxima Medical Center, Veldhoven, Medical Technology department, Jan-May 2005
Secondary school, Minsk, Belarus, 1995-2000
Educational Center for School- and University docents, Minsk, Belarus, 1996-1998




N.A. Dvinskikh, L. Blankevoort, S.D. Strackee, C.A. Grimbergen, G.J. Streekstra, Function evaluation of the extrinsic wrist ligaments using a 3D biomechanical model, J Biomech, 2009, Submitted

N.A. Dvinskikh, L. Blankevoort, M. Foumani, J.Spaan and G.J Streekstra, Quantitative detection of cartilage surfaces and ligament geometry of the wrist using an imaging cryomicrotome system, J Biomech, 2009, Accepted

N.A.C. Smeeth, N.A. Dvinskikh, J.R.M. Tillaart and G.S.Oei, Reliability and reproducibility of volume measurements in-vitro with 3D ultrasound: Vocal(Virtual organ computed aided analysis) versus a new semi-automatic method. J Perinat Med Vol 33, Suppl 1:111, 2005

N.A.C. Smeeth, N.A. Dvinskikh, J.R.M. Tillaart, P.F.F. Wijn and G.S.Oei, In-vitro volumeberekeningen met behulp van driedimensionale echoscopie, Medisch journaal MMC, p.19-21, Vol.1, 2005

E.Kieft, N.A. Dvinskikh, Jos.L.V.Broers, Dick W. Slaaf and Eva Stoffels, Effects of plasma needle on cultured cells, Proc. SPIE Vol.5483, p.247-251, Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers, V.F.Tarasenko; May 2004

Conference Publications

N.A. Dvinskikh, L. Blankevoort, G.J. Streekstra, Recruitment of wrist joint ligaments, Proc 22th ISB Congress, ISB, 2009

N.A. Dvinskikh, L. Blankevoort, G.J. Streekstra, Biomechanical wrist joint model, Proc 12th TGCS Congress, ISB, 2009

N.A. Dvinskikh, L. Blankevoort, M. Foumani, S.D. Strackee and G.J. Streekstra, Function Evaluation Of The Extrinsic Wrist Ligaments Using A 3d Biomechanical Model, Proc 16th ESB Congress, 2008

N.A.C. Smeeth, N.A. Dvinskikh, J.R.M. Tillaart, P.F.F. Wijn and G.S.Oei, Betrowbaarheid van 3D-echoscopische volume metingen. Proc. Dutch Society of perinatal Medicine, 2004

Programming Skills
Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Mathematica, Matlab.

Language Skills
Russian(Native speaker), Dutch (Fluent), English (Proficient).

Leisure interests
Volleyball, Fitness, Travelling.
Cooking, Needlework.