MSc L. Crielaard

PhD Candidate, Other Academic Staff
Main activities
Public Health, Complex Systems, Computational Modelling
Focus of research

My PhD project is a joint project between the Public Health Department of the AMC/UvA (under supervision of Karien Stronks and Mary Nicolaou) and the Computational Science Lab of the UvA (under supervision of Peter Sloot and Rick Quax), which is embedded in the Institute for Advanced Study of the UvA. In this project the influence of collective processes underlying socio-economic inequalities in health will be investigated, using type 2 diabetes as an example. By perceiving this problem as a complex system and by using computational modelling methodologies, such as system dynamics modelling, we aim to identify leverage points in the system that have the potential to reduce health inequalities. These leverage points will be translated into recommendations for health policies and interventions most likely to reduce socio-economic inequalities in health in general, and inequalities in T2D prevalence in particular.