M.T.E. Cornelissen PhD

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virology, especially retroviruses
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Research line
The major focus of our group is HIV-1 pathogenesis, more specific the effect of dual HIV-1 infections. This research line started with the description of the first patient with a double HIV-1 superinfection, resulting in a triple infection with different subtype: B-B’-AE (van der Kuyl et al, NEJM 2005 352: 2557-9). Longitudinal analysis of the patient’s samples showed that all three strains remained present both in blood and seminal plasma for years and recombinant viruses were formed.
Studies using RNA- or retroviruses have indicated that superinfections and especially co-infections lead to an increase in viral fitness. We speculated that HIV-1 co- or superinfection, contributes to the process of fitness gain and possibly to higher virulence. Two HIV-1 positive patients, L and P, acquired an HIV-1 superinfection within half a year from their primary HIV-1 infection (Jurriaans et al, JAIDS 2008, 47:69-73), and were used in a study to compare the replicative fitness of the primary and superinfecting HIV-1 strains.


Key publications
  • van der Kuyl Antoinette C., Kozaczynska Karolina, van den Burg Remco, Zorgdrager Fokla, Back Nicole, Jurriaans Suzanne, Berkhout Ben, Reiss Peter, Cornelissen Marion Triple HIV-1 infection New England journal of medicine 2005;352 (24):2557-2559 [PubMed]
  • van der Kuyl Antoinette C., Zorgdrager Fokla, Jurriaans Suzanne, Back Nicole K. T., Prins Jan M., Brinkman Kees, van Eeden Arne, Bakker Margreet, Cornelissen Marion Incidence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Dual Infections in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during 2003-2007 Clinical infectious diseases 2009;48 (7):973-978 [PubMed]
  • van der Kuyl Antoinette C., Jurriaans Suzanne, Pollakis Georgios, Bakker Margreet, Cornelissen Marion HIV RNA levels in transmission sources only weakly predict plasma viral load in recipients AIDS (London, England) 2010;24 (10):1607-1608 [PubMed]
  • Cornelissen Marion, Pasternak Alexander O., Grijsen Marlous L., Zorgdrager Fokla, Bakker Margreet, Blom Petra, Prins Jan M., Jurriaans Suzanne, van der Kuyl Antoinette C. HIV-1 Dual Infection Is Associated With Faster CD4(+) T-Cell Decline in a Cohort of Men With Primary HIV Infection Clinical infectious diseases 2012;54 (4):539-547 [PubMed]
  • van der Kuyl Antoinette C., Kozaczynska Karolina, Arien Kevin K., Gali Youssef, Balazs Victoria R., Dekker Stefan J., Zorgdrager Fokla, Vanham Guido, Berkhout Ben, Cornelissen Marion Analysis of infectious virus clones from two HIV-1 superinfection cases suggests that the primary strains have lower fitness Retrovirology 2010;7 (1):60 [PubMed]
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