MA MSc PhD J.R. Bosdriesz

Research Associate
Main activities
Tobacco control policy, smoking cessation
Focus of research

As part of the SILNE project (smoking inequalities: learning from natural experiments), I will investigate, through the evaluation of natural policy experiments, which types of tobacco control policies have increased smoking cessation rates in general, and in particular those of lower socio-economic status groups. For this purpose I will combine comparing policies over time in national-level studies and comparing policies between countries on the European-level.

Key publications
  • Bosdriesz Jizzo R., Willemsen Marc C., Stronks Karien, Kunst Anton E. Tobacco control policy development in the European Union: do political factors matter? European journal of public health 2015;25 (2):190-194 [PubMed]
  • Bosdriesz Jizzo R., Mehmedovic Selma, Witvliet Margot I., Kunst Anton E. Socioeconomic inequalities in smoking in low and mid income countries: positive gradients among women? International journal for equity in health 2014;13 (1):14 [PubMed]
  • Bosdriesz Jizzo R., Lichthart Nienke, Witvliet Margot I., Busschers Wim B., Stronks Karien, Kunst Anton E. Smoking prevalence among migrants in the US compared to the US-born and the population in countries of origin PLoS ONE 2013;8 (3):e58654 [PubMed]
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