MD M.M.D. van der Linden

PhD Candidate, Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care
Focus of research

Research programmes

Prof. PhD P.I. Spuls (dermato-immunology and dermato-epidemiology)

Psoriasis: biologic antibodyformation, RCT etanercept versus infliximab, methotrexate optimalisation, new developments, compliance, nail psoriasis, maintenance treatment, combination treatment, guideline development,  registries, quality of life, side-effect monitoring

Atopic dermatitis: harmonisation outcome parameters, new treatment options (azathioprine versus methotrexate (short and long term), systemic treatments, registry, fillagrin mutations, biomarkers, diagnostic criteria, topicals, side- effect monitoring, antibody formation dupilumab, skintypes, phenotypering, infections, pregnancy/lactation, astma and atopic dermatitis, 

Rosacea: quality of life, RCT doxycyckine versus minicycline, laser treatment rosacea papulopustulosa

Off-label drug use in dermatology: RCT, guideline, Regieraad project, registry

Methodology: evidence based medicine/dermatology, guideline development, critical appraised topics, core outcome set development

Psychodermatology: ehealth Beter gestemd met de huid, shared decision making, diagnostiek psychosociale problematiek, PROMs

Vascular malformations: OVAMA core outcome set development, diagnostic criteria, PROMs


MD PhD M.A. Middelkamp Hup
MD M.M.D. van der Linden

G.A.M. Appel
P.B. Eppenga-Franklin
H.M. van der Stok